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The guild was founded on Kaldrox on Mar 02 2021.
It is currently active.

Guild Members
Rank [sort] Name and Title Vocation [sort] Level [sort] Status
BACKPACK Legendarny Blowz (KmzBr) Elder Druid 307 offline
Legendarny Ciquini (Ciquini ~ Hated!) Elder Druid 310 offline
Legendarny Indio Elder Druid 244 offline
Legendarny Lkhitau (JUNIX;TTP) Elite Knight 367 offline
Legendarny Loonpwn (VTR isback) Elder Druid 248 offline
Legendarny Luuh Elder Druid 340 offline
Legendarny Marcin Elder Druid 258 offline
Legendarny Menor Elder Druid 279 offline
Legendarny Moow Elder Druid 250 offline
Legendarny Nando Elder Druid 297 offline
Legendarny Paweer (Dom Dom) Elder Druid 329 offline
Legendarny Pnlwo (KmzBr) Elder Druid 299 offline
Legendarny Rhayllan Elder Druid 343 offline
Legendarny Serwian Elder Druid 345 offline
Legendarny Toninho (KmzBr) Elder Druid 310 offline
Legendarny Wool (BP;) Elder Druid 318 offline
BACKPACK Alejandro Griffin Elder Druid 303 offline
Jznh Keeper Elder Druid 309 offline
BACKPACK Cleytinho Rasta (Cleytinho On) Elder Druid 246 offline
Heitor Deluxe Elder Druid 253 offline
Intactoz Nywesi Elite Knight 316 offline
Jarquin (Maradona > Pele) Elder Druid 225 offline
Jnh Putifero (Patatti) Elder Druid 274 offline
Knightzinho Elite Knight 301 offline
Legendarny Samuel Elder Druid 298 offline
Legendarny Waar Elder Druid 285 offline
Legendarny Wasznie (DICHAVADOR;1) Elder Druid 307 offline
Lord Nift (Dom Dom) Elder Druid 316 offline
Lovezin Isback Elder Druid 326 offline
Mano Nemeziz Elder Druid 233 offline
Mv Healer Elder Druid 245 offline
Oku Naopassa Wifi (EU SOU CAVALO DOIDO) Elder Druid 290 offline
Playing High (03) Elder Druid 344 offline
Rique (1 jogo, apenas) Elder Druid 266 offline
Skewed Elder Druid 252 offline
BACKPACK Backpack Guizerah Elder Druid 305 offline
Backpack Sqowar Elite Knight 299 offline
Baiano Backpack (J0T4 3RR3!) Elder Druid 260 offline
Legendarny Musk Elder Druid 298 offline

Invited Characters
No invited characters found.

Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Players Online
Top Experience
1- Vevian
1674, Master Sorcerer
2- Vikings
641, Elite Knight
3- Taldo Misa
637, Elite Knight
4- Winifred
637, Royal Paladin
5- Alakan Amon
636, Elite Knight

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