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World Information
Status: Online
Server PVP Type
Players Online: 1521 Players Online
Online Record: 4256 players (on Jan 26 2021, 20:01:18 -03)
Creation Date: 04/01/2021
Location: Montreal - Canada
PvP Type: Open PvP
Premium Type: Free Premium Account
Transfer Type: Blocked
World Quest Titles: This game world currently has no title.

Players Online [ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z ]
Name [sort] Level [sort] Vocation [sort]
Aaragorn532Elite Knight
Abestado252Elite Knight
Absolut Vodka39Master Sorcerer
Abyssal Knight282Elite Knight
Acaraje Cinco472Royal Paladin
Acaraje Quatro477Royal Paladin
Acaraje Tres474Royal Paladin
Acaraje Um483Royal Paladin
Acidente De Moto337Elite Knight
Acostini Maniako403Master Sorcerer
Adalix391Elite Knight
Addon Full206Druid
Addon Maker169Royal Paladin
Adon Kiley270Elite Knight
Adverts26Elder Druid
Adzin402Royal Paladin
Aegon Targaryen391Elite Knight
Aeroloko492Master Sorcerer
Aeromoney419Elite Knight
Agamenon309Elite Knight
Agrale330Royal Paladin
Agresophic482Royal Paladin
Ah Huevoperro200Elder Druid
Aikau20Royal Paladin
Aizen Rhain429Royal Paladin
Aj Do Ek260Elite Knight
Akaboss503Elder Druid
Akiba258Elite Knight
Alakan Amon542Elite Knight
Alambray320Master Sorcerer
Aldo405Elite Knight
Alemao Paralyzer421Elder Druid
Alexa424Elder Druid
Alexchevyni487Elder Druid
Alexo400Elder Druid
Alexofking357Elder Druid
Alexzik Amigo Bro519Master Sorcerer
Alfeu525Elite Knight
Alibaba Rei404Royal Paladin
Alienigena287Elder Druid
Alienware67Master Sorcerer
Allan Katori483Elder Druid
Allkaeda513Elder Druid
Alumni269Elite Knight
Amigo De Lawyer385Elite Knight
Amigo De Riper384Elite Knight
Amiguinho Das Ue170Sorcerer
Amy Winehouse313Elite Knight
Ancient Of Daemon312Elder Druid
Andarilho Sapeca255Elder Druid
Anderson438Elder Druid
Angel129Elder Druid
Anti Dedecos298Elite Knight
Anti Judas381Royal Paladin
Antigospela433Elder Druid
Antivirus459Elder Druid
Aoshe203Elite Knight
Apoio Tatico320Elite Knight
Apokaliptk260Master Sorcerer
Apollowisk308Elder Druid
Appache476Elder Druid
Aqua Rp488Royal Paladin
Aquilez366Elite Knight
Aramis Fox466Elite Knight
Arditti411Elder Druid
Aregwyrou480Elder Druid
Arise433Elite Knight
Arquero Cuatro368Royal Paladin
Arquero Diecinueve328Paladin
Arquero Dieciocho332Royal Paladin
Arquero Dieciseis347Royal Paladin
Arquero Diecisiete354Royal Paladin
Arquero Dos Cuatro324Paladin
Arquero Quince342Royal Paladin
Arquero Veinte341Royal Paladin
Arquero Veintidos335Royal Paladin
Arquero Veintitres334Royal Paladin
Arquero Veintiuno321Royal Paladin
Arquero Vntcinco314Paladin
Arrombacu301Master Sorcerer
Arrow403Royal Paladin
Arrow Launcher261Royal Paladin
Asakura Hao262Elder Druid
Ashtaroth277Royal Paladin
Aspectum477Elder Druid
Assombro446Royal Paladin
Astix Alar397Royal Paladin
Atirador De Pinos217Royal Paladin
Audaz Strong382Elder Druid
Audi333Master Sorcerer
Audiosyntax401Master Sorcerer
Aurora327Elite Knight
Aurrera Global261Royal Paladin
Australop Norix531Royal Paladin
Auto Pally404Royal Paladin
Avada Kedavra385Elder Druid
Avanzzi Side257Elder Druid
Aviici266Elder Druid
Awkal275Elite Knight
Ax Man519Elite Knight
Axemaster527Elite Knight
Ayman Al Zawahirii325Master Sorcerer
Azeen464Royal Paladin
Azino451Elder Druid
Baba Voss313Elder Druid
Baby454Elite Knight
Baby Princess405Elite Knight
Bad Joke328Royal Paladin
Bad Lux500Elder Druid
Badoque306Royal Paladin
Bagre Surfista452Elder Druid
Bahia286Elite Knight
Bala Perdida86Knight
Balance495Elite Knight
Baldan317Royal Paladin
Baldor Minx336Elder Druid
Balmain464Elder Druid
Baloch488Elite Knight
Baloo Fiking401Elite Knight
Baloo Mage352Elder Druid
Baloo Nice411Master Sorcerer
Baloo Unk338Royal Paladin
Baloounk323Elite Knight
Banco Xurumy426Elite Knight
Bane210Master Sorcerer
Baoo401Master Sorcerer
Barbaro433Royal Paladin
Barbosao164Master Sorcerer
Barril Desumilde384Royal Paladin
Basculho351Royal Paladin
Basic Chemistry252Elder Druid
Bass Fight316Elite Knight
Bastiao Porva279Royal Paladin
Bebo319Elite Knight
Belarmino399Elite Knight
Benedita304Elite Knight
Benjamiin479Royal Paladin
Bento Leal344Royal Paladin
Bercostela431Elder Druid
Bernaa Antrax300Elder Druid
Bernardo Belo96Elder Druid
Besilapi228Royal Paladin
Bicho190Royal Paladin
Bicudo Calambau455Elder Druid
Bidao Teachyou327Elite Knight
Bielzinhow284Elite Knight
Big Damage Mcz387Master Sorcerer
Big Stan429Elite Knight
Bigdruid189Elder Druid
Bigulinho290Royal Paladin
Bills439Royal Paladin
Bimbo409Royal Paladin
Bitica Comiandre370Royal Paladin
Bizorro367Elite Knight
Black Water340Elite Knight
Black Wood92Elite Knight
Blackburn312Master Sorcerer
Blade Knight523Elite Knight
Blessword501Elite Knight
Blindadao329Royal Paladin
Bloker507Elite Knight
Blokerwojownik312Elite Knight
Boas Festa114Elder Druid
Boca De Sapo312Royal Paladin
Boladin Roots431Elite Knight
Bolha275Elder Druid
Bolha Macloud102Sorcerer
Boltina358Royal Paladin
Bomb Master390Master Sorcerer
Bombeta298Royal Paladin
Bon Devil393Elite Knight
Bonake315Elite Knight
Bot Dois423Elite Knight
Bot Tres431Elite Knight
Bot Um442Elite Knight
Boto Hell97Royal Paladin
Bozena498Elder Druid
Bran Stark377Elite Knight
Briisa240Master Sorcerer
Britney Bitch333Elder Druid
Brizinha531Elite Knight
Brock Lesnar403Elder Druid
Brrj131Elder Druid
Bruna Leal348Elder Druid
Brutetamer325Elite Knight
Bubzor275Elite Knight
Buduvieser231Royal Paladin
Buffya449Elite Knight
Buhu492Royal Paladin
Bunda Cagada321Royal Paladin
Byorn482Royal Paladin
Cabelo368Elite Knight
Cabessa De Gelo159Elder Druid
Cabo Lozo8Elite Knight
Cachermo426Elder Druid
Cadeirudoo450Elite Knight
Cadel Turiel433Royal Paladin
Caili363Royal Paladin
Caio Pistola485Master Sorcerer
Caixao Velapreta300Master Sorcerer
Callia Endrakiras317Elite Knight
Calvo Massacre383Elite Knight
Canadense427Royal Paladin
Canela De Pedreiro282Master Sorcerer
Cannabiss195Royal Paladin
Canonic20Elite Knight
Capitao Flex255Elder Druid
Capitao Skull346Master Sorcerer
Capitaum Cueca441Elite Knight
Capsula Do Poder239Elite Knight
Cara Branca402Elite Knight
Caracas Locas259Elite Knight
Cardano466Elder Druid
Carlospsita324Royal Paladin
Casttle Winners391Elder Druid
Catorze Noinhas304Royal Paladin
Cb Patrao306Elite Knight
Ce Num Guenta Mcz403Royal Paladin
Ceifadora257Elder Druid
Cersei Lannister371Elite Knight
Cha De Pingola388Royal Paladin
Chapa Quente314Elder Druid
Chapito Guzman321Elder Druid
Chapolim Malvado281Elder Druid
Cherequinha316Elite Knight
Cherry257Elite Knight
Chevettao294Elder Druid
Chicao Metro424Elite Knight
Chico Noia284Elder Druid
Chilly Willy309Elite Knight
Chispita284Elder Druid
Chokingg Fear281Royal Paladin
Chorao Do Betgol259Elder Druid
Chuck Bass285Royal Paladin
Chuck Liddell408Elder Druid
Chuck Rhodes395Royal Paladin
Chujome66Royal Paladin
Chuky Five282Royal Paladin
Chupa Bife347Elite Knight
Chupa Coco303Elite Knight
Churume371Elder Druid
Cigana251Royal Paladin
Cintaralho Voador356Elite Knight
Ciroc256Elite Knight
Ckan224Elite Knight
Clariciinha371Royal Paladin
Clark525Elite Knight
Clown238Elite Knight
Coito414Elite Knight
Colombia Kush405Royal Paladin
Comedor De Veia328Elite Knight
Comprador530Master Sorcerer
Comu475Royal Paladin
Comunisxta390Royal Paladin
Contovegaria416Elder Druid
Coquin425Elite Knight
Cordoviil272Royal Paladin
Corezin358Royal Paladin
Cosmico344Master Sorcerer
Cr Nove168Paladin
Cr Oito251Royal Paladin
Crebola462Elder Druid
Cris Fenix361Royal Paladin
Crossmove332Royal Paladin
Cruciatus386Elder Druid
Crystal Maiden371Master Sorcerer
Curado282Elite Knight
Cuzinotres456Royal Paladin
Czarodziej Merlin80Sorcerer
Da Roots289Elite Knight
Daddy Pressao178Elite Knight
Daenerys Targaryen441Elder Druid
Dakotaliizy367Master Sorcerer
Damon397Elite Knight
Dan Henderson449Elder Druid
Dancing With Devil329Elder Druid
Dane Whitman524Elite Knight
Danger Insane417Royal Paladin
Dangerous Ax529Elite Knight
Daniel Dantas529Elder Druid
Daniel Larusso509Royal Paladin
Danielzin358Elite Knight
Daninjo330Elder Druid
Dark Al487Royal Paladin
Dark Lancaster453Royal Paladin
Dark Passions286Elite Knight
Dashafullzerah251Elder Druid
Davies528Elite Knight
Death King326Elite Knight
Debie310Elite Knight
Dedecolandia475Royal Paladin
Dedestt234Elder Druid
Delatyra441Elder Druid
Delirous523Elite Knight
Dell327Royal Paladin
Dendi Casa490Elite Knight
Desdruidorr400Elite Knight
Devil115Elder Druid
Devil Lycan391Elite Knight
Dezesseis Noinhas306Royal Paladin
Dhanos Rockefeller306Elder Druid
Dhg Humillity292Elder Druid
Diabolic322Elite Knight
Diele Fox252Elder Druid
Diesel448Royal Paladin
Diochan440Elder Druid
Diogo Cem Hat333Master Sorcerer
Direitoria Gordao324Elder Druid
Diretamente286Royal Paladin
Diretoria511Master Sorcerer
Diretoria Vini150Elder Druid
Disfuncao Eretil434Royal Paladin
Distortions337Royal Paladin
Divergente399Master Sorcerer
Dixava Roots404Elite Knight
Dizetae388Royal Paladin
Dmian Maniako407Royal Paladin
Dmon343Master Sorcerer
Do It For Me382Elder Druid
Dobnexx Zica333Elder Druid
Dog Walker319Royal Paladin
Doissf321Elite Knight
Don Pirocon454Elder Druid
Don Piroquinha458Elite Knight
Doom Slayer305Elite Knight
Doquinha271Elder Druid
Doug Calambau502Royal Paladin
Dow Wuang266Royal Paladin
Downloads285Master Sorcerer
Doze Noinhas310Royal Paladin
Dr Estranho401Elite Knight
Dr Euforia439Elder Druid
Dr Pepper258Elder Druid
Dracolla485Royal Paladin
Dracorio260Elite Knight
Draxi341Master Sorcerer
Draxidao292Elder Druid
Draxidu288Master Sorcerer
Draxtor Striker438Royal Paladin
Dredz464Elder Druid
Drinkz502Elder Druid
Druid Angel476Elder Druid
Druid Felipe228Elder Druid
Druid Vida Loka272Druid
Druid Vindi255Elder Druid
Druid Womem Sio276Elder Druid
Druida Legal283Elder Druid
Druidsioum109Elder Druid
Druiid Do Mal446Elder Druid
Duartera269Elite Knight
Dubai344Master Sorcerer
Duddz450Elder Druid
Dugrau564Elder Druid
Duke43Royal Paladin
Dunamis147Royal Paladin
Dunderkush252Elite Knight
Dunhillkng222Elite Knight
Dunnozin400Elite Knight
Dupai362Royal Paladin
Duzin Sniper295Royal Paladin
Duzin The Magobomb252Master Sorcerer
Dyanzin370Elder Druid
Dyx Bandidao298Master Sorcerer
Earned It255Elite Knight
Ecko Bolt416Royal Paladin
Ed Bandidao336Elder Druid
Ed Dois420Elder Druid
Eddin Scripts268Elder Druid
Edson488Elite Knight
Edson Cocaino306Elder Druid
Edzeraa306Elder Druid
Effel470Elite Knight
Egroeg299Elite Knight
Eh Sal183Elder Druid
Ek Dos Sonhos273Elite Knight
Ek Iquatro367Elite Knight
Ek Tanker493Elite Knight
Ek Tankzor256Elite Knight
Ek Treze497Elite Knight
Ekans380Elite Knight
Ekdox445Elite Knight
Ekzin Roots435Elite Knight
El Chapo444Royal Paladin
El Dazzler445Elder Druid
El Gato470Royal Paladin
El Melvany416Elite Knight
El Nory422Master Sorcerer
El Papi De Baloo255Elite Knight
El Poze Do Rodo317Royal Paladin
Elane275Royal Paladin
Elasthy437Royal Paladin
Elder Leo246Elder Druid
Elder Viniis477Elder Druid
Electry329Master Sorcerer
Element316Elite Knight
Elit Knightt277Knight
Elite Knight418Elite Knight
Elite Leo20Elite Knight
Elite Thumaza300Master Sorcerer
Elizabeth185Elite Knight
Elizabeth Terceira252Master Sorcerer
Ell Tigre401Elite Knight
Ellder Offline461Royal Paladin
Elodryn379Elder Druid
Elroswh Medo199Knight
Emesmoe288Royal Paladin
Encephalopaticys423Elite Knight
Encosto315Master Sorcerer
Endy311Elder Druid
Eoh Poder119Royal Paladin
Eowyn135Elite Knight
Eric Karttman276Royal Paladin
Eroth279Royal Paladin
Escutar491Elite Knight
Esperancitas394Elite Knight
Esside Notres426Elder Druid
Estiicadamax441Elder Druid
Estopo439Elite Knight
Esxcanor327Elite Knight
Eternal Lac494Elite Knight
Eu Sou Paladin300Paladin
Eurusd353Elder Druid
Euturiel428Royal Paladin
Eva Pali303Royal Paladin
Evajihivyn493Elder Druid
Evaldo378Elite Knight
Evil Warrior387Elite Knight
Evoly507Master Sorcerer
Expresso Gas267Royal Paladin
Exterminador Royal301Royal Paladin
Fada Assassyna401Elite Knight
Falconn505Elder Druid
Faluae276Royal Paladin
Fandangos De Ovo376Royal Paladin
Farlope Jach327Royal Paladin
Farrera Massacrre445Elite Knight
Faz Opix8Knight
Featureo255Royal Paladin
Felicity Smoak381Druid
Felipe Budweiser260Elite Knight
Fendt331Royal Paladin
Fenix Soldier256Elite Knight
File Com Fritas440Elder Druid
Filho De Jha252Paladin
Filipinbarber348Elite Knight
Filius Flitwhick444Elder Druid
Filius Flitwick312Elder Druid
Filthyshelby341Elder Druid
Fino Roots426Elite Knight
Fire Anga500Elder Druid
Five Ss269Royal Paladin
Flash Reverso373Royal Paladin
Flaviia Rosyldaa366Elite Knight
Flawless511Elite Knight
Flecha Maldita352Royal Paladin
Flerta Flecha341Royal Paladin
Floki453Royal Paladin
Flow Frontline420Royal Paladin
Flower Mind251Elder Druid
Fluidity425Elder Druid
Fluorescent247Elder Druid
Foox Kina283Elite Knight
Forexito408Elite Knight
Fortin275Elite Knight
Fortin Kinght287Elite Knight
Fossatt512Royal Paladin
Foure Ss266Royal Paladin
Free Sword149Knight
Freeza441Royal Paladin
Freya Deusa347Elite Knight
Friday Trip440Royal Paladin
Frozen419Elder Druid
Frozen Cracuda422Elder Druid
Frozen Over531Elite Knight
Fudex Side475Elder Druid
Gabriela Mexakechi216Royal Paladin
Gaitan319Elder Druid
Gajo301Elite Knight
Gallant Oz461Elder Druid
Galmar Stonefist275Elite Knight
Gasparetto268Royal Paladin
Gato251Elder Druid
Gays Parts268Royal Paladin
Gedeao Fulltank424Royal Paladin
Gellert Grindewald374Elder Druid
Gelox200Royal Paladin
Genival162Master Sorcerer
Gilson Rabanni85Sorcerer
Glupi Hujoza251Master Sorcerer
Godzinhu467Royal Paladin
Goku430Royal Paladin
Golden Axe494Elite Knight
Goldentec85Elder Druid
Gon Leal336Elite Knight
Gonzobinguda238Master Sorcerer
Gothia308Elder Druid
Gotterdammerung252Royal Paladin
Green River522Royal Paladin
Gregor Clegane370Elite Knight
Grifinoia263Royal Paladin
Grunt308Royal Paladin
Guerreira Albina423Elite Knight
Guerrero Cinco378Elite Knight
Guerrero Cuatro374Elite Knight
Guerrero Diez355Elite Knight
Guerrero Doce362Elite Knight
Guerrero Dos377Elite Knight
Guerrero Nueve369Elite Knight
Guerrero Ocho356Elite Knight
Guerrero Once367Elite Knight
Guerrero Seis388Elite Knight
Guerrero Siete381Elite Knight
Guerrero Trece367Elite Knight
Guerrero Tres395Elite Knight
Guerrero Vnte305Elite Knight
Guerrero Vntuno315Elite Knight
Guizeira Ek291Elite Knight
Gumball Watterson20Knight
Gus Fring527Elite Knight
Gween Black405Elder Druid
Haavaianas462Master Sorcerer
Habla Mencho Wey327Elite Knight
Hagoromo Otsutsuki428Royal Paladin
Hajsownik302Elite Knight
Hammadzinho365Elite Knight
Hamura Otsutsuki431Royal Paladin
Haniball281Elite Knight
Hanry Potter303Royal Paladin
Hans Landa455Elite Knight
Harrisloki469Royal Paladin
Hattrick Monster480Elder Druid
Havoc Byt435Elder Druid
He Two251Royal Paladin
Heal120Elder Druid
Healer Fullbrabo459Elder Druid
Heithor Leal338Master Sorcerer
Heksns Eds213Elder Druid
Helenis Sharim428Master Sorcerer
Hell Boy Pala151Royal Paladin
Hell Paladin289Royal Paladin
Hells Druid248Elder Druid
Hells Knight21Elite Knight
Hells Pally20Royal Paladin
Hellzero Macloud294Royal Paladin
Heltao Elpatronn436Elder Druid
Henry Bellar461Royal Paladin
Herzer442Master Sorcerer
Hgameu470Royal Paladin
Hgudi468Royal Paladin
Hi You Hi301Paladin
Hiey270Elite Knight
Hiol540Elder Druid
Hitto29Elite Knight
Hoje Esegunda299Elder Druid
Hollandes Voador301Royal Paladin
Holy Mage421Elder Druid
Homegu519Elite Knight
Honey Bee479Elder Druid
Hotwine276Master Sorcerer
Hozzorios Cat354Elder Druid
Huahsuhaushaus295Elder Druid
Huahsuhaushuahus281Elder Druid
Huarache323Royal Paladin
Hugo Stiglitz451Royal Paladin
Humility255Elite Knight
Humillytpplmza455Elite Knight
Huti390Elite Knight
Hyperx98Elite Knight
Icy Narco309Royal Paladin
Igor Macedo308Elder Druid
Illusion405Elder Druid
Ilusion The Pally162Royal Paladin
Ilusionist360Elder Druid
Im Trol Bro294Elite Knight
Imperius393Elder Druid
In My Head334Master Sorcerer
Inconveniente308Elite Knight
Indicaz406Royal Paladin
Infernal Paladin451Royal Paladin
Inflamavel90Master Sorcerer
Inocentizin307Elder Druid
Inside505Elder Druid
Insomaniac420Royal Paladin
Insurgente533Master Sorcerer
Intankavel161Elite Knight
Isabela380Elite Knight
Isis Velaty291Royal Paladin
Isolde274Royal Paladin
Itachii Uchiha400Royal Paladin
Ivete Comgalo468Royal Paladin
Ivone Maker163Master Sorcerer
Ja Morreu349Elder Druid
Jacare Da Lacoste328Master Sorcerer
Jacare Pancadao497Elite Knight
Jack Extrupador360Elite Knight
Jacutiinga408Elder Druid
Jaime Lannister355Elite Knight
Jair Bolsonaro418Elite Knight
James Harden435Elite Knight
Jamily Lima291Elder Druid
Jarochon256Elite Knight
Jasmine107Elite Knight
Jd Loak493Elite Knight
Jebinha398Elder Druid
Jefferson432Master Sorcerer
Jeova Jogador297Master Sorcerer
Jesse491Royal Paladin
Jill Valentine303Elder Druid
Jin Dos Ventos435Royal Paladin
Jinnar463Royal Paladin
Jinx Maluca171Master Sorcerer
Jiren The Grey467Royal Paladin
Jjgnht Dnefgn481Elite Knight
Joao Leal333Elite Knight
Joaozin Nagib352Elite Knight
Jobscripts526Elite Knight
John Walker428Knight
Joker Lancaster449Royal Paladin
Jon Snow422Elite Knight
Jonh Size298Elite Knight
Jonh Wick280Royal Paladin
Joselitta Crazzy203Druid
Josy Sz479Royal Paladin
Jubikera Natiiva415Elder Druid
Jubinho424Elder Druid
Judiadao394Royal Paladin
Judiado341Royal Paladin
Jukera Apelaum191Royal Paladin
Juliagataju353Elite Knight
Juliiano371Elder Druid
Just Leave Me425Royal Paladin
Kabuto318Elder Druid
Kabuum370Master Sorcerer
Kakui369Master Sorcerer
Kaldro443Elder Druid
Kaldy514Elite Knight
Kamen Rider Black213Elite Knight
Kanao Tsuyuri357Elite Knight
Karmen Ek481Elite Knight
Kath Eton404Master Sorcerer
Katty182Royal Paladin
Kauan Floquinho330Elite Knight
Keith Jardine425Elder Druid
Khal Drogo373Elite Knight
Khen Kivix359Elder Druid
Kid Bengala318Elite Knight
Kilaryms353Master Sorcerer
Killaroxi Ms314Master Sorcerer
Killer Bee277Elite Knight
Killer Instinct244Elder Druid
Kina Da Quebrada264Elite Knight
Kina Dos Negocios346Elite Knight
Kina Lua312Elite Knight
Kina Maker Money356Elite Knight
Kina Of Night275Elite Knight
Kina Rockstar254Knight
Kina Tripe467Elite Knight
Kina Volta Full348Elite Knight
Kinafull310Elite Knight
Kinaloka352Elite Knight
Kinaloko352Elite Knight
Kinasuper491Elite Knight
Kinderhufeisen478Elder Druid
King Arrow466Royal Paladin
King Gallant512Elite Knight
King Hiberion369Elite Knight
King Isra Elita537Elite Knight
Kinona343Elite Knight
Kinzx Speedy435Elder Druid
Kit Maclaud287Elder Druid
Klitzhan513Master Sorcerer
Knight439Elite Knight
Knight De Oz281Knight
Knight Expert268Elite Knight
Knight Imperador308Elite Knight
Knight Loot Cinco320Elite Knight
Knight Loot Dois328Elite Knight
Knight Loot Quatro333Elite Knight
Knight Loot Seis316Elite Knight
Knight Loot Sete319Elite Knight
Knight Loot Tres325Elite Knight
Knight Loot Um332Elite Knight
Knightdabestafera320Elite Knight
Knightsolo341Elite Knight
Koka487Royal Paladin
Koka Ed464Elder Druid
Korek378Elite Knight
Koringa251Elder Druid
Koringa Loco356Royal Paladin
Kotuka Teu Oku457Elder Druid
Krauszer252Royal Paladin
Kreuger253Elite Knight
Kserax394Elite Knight
Ksskop364Elder Druid
Kurama Snyper231Druid
Kyana Kyahra309Royal Paladin
Kyrie Irving522Elite Knight
La Dazzler416Master Sorcerer
Lacocamadre244Royal Paladin
Lady Knight448Elite Knight
Lady Meg403Royal Paladin
Lady Of Bolts382Royal Paladin
Lagertha448Royal Paladin
Lambe Seda415Royal Paladin
Last Resort219Elite Knight
Led Zeppelin309Elite Knight
Lee Ni293Elder Druid
Leeds487Elder Druid
Legola274Royal Paladin
Legolas507Royal Paladin
Legolas Verdefolha366Royal Paladin
Leite Com Pera353Elite Knight
Leite Nelas500Elite Knight
Leitinho Nelas458Royal Paladin
Lemux221Royal Paladin
Lenco Humidecido165Elite Knight
Lenneth Palladina481Royal Paladin
Leos Flex379Elite Knight
Lethal Arrow8Paladin
Light Guardian361Elite Knight
Light Magget350Elder Druid
Lilith425Elder Druid
Lima The Killer343Elite Knight
Lina371Elite Knight
Lindenberg73Elder Druid
Lindinhaxd381Royal Paladin
Lkmarokin273Elite Knight
Loboh369Elite Knight
Logitech251Royal Paladin
Lohane Bueno267Royal Paladin
Loko The Loki179Elite Knight
Lokoaero411Elite Knight
Loloko Leyen262Royal Paladin
Looney Tunes392Elite Knight
Lord Archer392Royal Paladin
Lord Beiramar295Master Sorcerer
Lord Cronos250Elder Druid
Lord Darker273Master Sorcerer
Lord Kamikaze436Royal Paladin
Lord Key269Royal Paladin
Lord Of The Stars369Royal Paladin
Lord Pauladinha302Royal Paladin
Lord Ze476Royal Paladin
Lorenzo Pietro505Elder Druid
Lorin Sita386Elite Knight
Love Pussy230Elder Druid
Lowtek359Elite Knight
Lucas Urban484Elder Druid
Luci Morningstar108Elite Knight
Lucifer462Elite Knight
Luftal345Royal Paladin
Lukas Mity208Royal Paladin
Luna Abara415Elder Druid
Luna Isabelle343Elder Druid
Luna Marien306Royal Paladin
Luna Unknown353Master Sorcerer
Luthien269Royal Paladin
Lynx368Royal Paladin
Lyroox317Master Sorcerer
Macaquinho501Royal Paladin
Maclaaus350Elite Knight
Mage Brabo348Master Sorcerer
Mage Hunted314Master Sorcerer
Mage Valkan518Master Sorcerer
Magex Attack274Master Sorcerer
Magic128Elder Druid
Magic Hammer518Elite Knight
Mago Felipe228Master Sorcerer
Mago Legalize211Elder Druid
Mahhomes240Master Sorcerer
Mailus92Elder Druid
Mailus One80Master Sorcerer
Mailus Two63Elder Druid
Majin Boo437Royal Paladin
Maker Doido434Master Sorcerer
Maker Treze392Royal Paladin
Maker Tutanca336Elder Druid
Makerzinho Dois222Master Sorcerer
Malagueta313Elite Knight
Malakas Orre472Elite Knight
Maldade476Elder Druid
Maldade Pura354Elder Druid
Malee362Royal Paladin
Malpario422Elite Knight
Manarick267Master Sorcerer
Mane Rita404Elite Knight
Maniac Club545Elite Knight
Maniak386Elder Druid
Manin Pvp De Mel316Royal Paladin
Mano Tairo411Royal Paladin
Mapogos443Royal Paladin
Marcao Tonemai294Royal Paladin
Marci371Elder Druid
Mari343Royal Paladin
Mariajuana311Elite Knight
Marien Luna331Royal Paladin
Marii Luna356Royal Paladin
Marinela225Elder Druid
Mario490Royal Paladin
Marioneta412Elite Knight
Mariposa414Royal Paladin
Marlboro Liight295Elite Knight
Marshal457Elder Druid
Martinho Da Vila108Elite Knight
Marvel Mundial348Elite Knight
Mary Chupona251Royal Paladin
Mary Huana456Elder Druid
Mary Naoquerojuub260Royal Paladin
Mary Puta Lider264Royal Paladin
Mary Quero Davi229Royal Paladin
Mary Quero Magezen260Royal Paladin
Mary Quero Memoxi260Royal Paladin
Mary Querofireanga267Royal Paladin
Masacrador323Elite Knight
Mastar Tito251Master Sorcerer
Master Blue291Royal Paladin
Master Chefa305Royal Paladin
Master Da Maconha400Royal Paladin
Master Red295Royal Paladin
Mata Bot380Elder Druid
Mata Kina402Royal Paladin
Mata Mage424Elite Knight
Mata Pally333Master Sorcerer
Matador De Aluguel528Master Sorcerer
Math Praguinha414Elder Druid
Matheus Leal369Elite Knight
Matul435Elder Druid
Mauro Belem331Elite Knight
Max Brown479Elite Knight
Max Druid418Elder Druid
Max Fleury460Elder Druid
Maximus Heinrich334Elite Knight
Maxinho De Mamae393Elite Knight
Maxone534Elite Knight
Maxthon330Elite Knight
Maxwelos208Elite Knight
Maxxi Skol378Royal Paladin
Maxzord416Elder Druid
Mazikeen518Master Sorcerer
Md Germany298Elite Knight
Me Gusta Marijuana234Elite Knight
Mefisuto400Elder Druid
Meia Meia Meia183Master Sorcerer
Mel Do Anjo116Master Sorcerer
Mela Cueca352Elite Knight
Melvany Rush410Elder Druid
Menino Arrow365Royal Paladin
Menino Bolt420Royal Paladin
Mensphysique360Royal Paladin
Merci Beaucoup501Royal Paladin
Meredith Grey341Master Sorcerer
Merlyn326Master Sorcerer
Mestre Dos Rps252Royal Paladin
Method Dreadon321Master Sorcerer
Meu Macho278Elite Knight
Meu Maxo263Paladin
Meus Ovo456Royal Paladin
Meus Ovos283Elite Knight
Meusz Ovosz259Royal Paladin
Mi Madre292Elder Druid
Mia Khallifa283Royal Paladin
Miickey Nike250Master Sorcerer
Mikipower351Master Sorcerer
Miko368Elder Druid
Milfbar258Royal Paladin
Miliduke32Elite Knight
Mina Craft288Elder Druid
Mira514Royal Paladin
Miroslav469Master Sorcerer
Mirso435Elite Knight
Misa Os Tenta403Elder Druid
Missuzao355Elite Knight
Mister Satan303Elite Knight
Mitira Mitira409Elite Knight
Mitos407Elder Druid
Mitsuyo Maeda350Elite Knight
Mn Tralha427Elite Knight
Mochileiroo268Master Sorcerer
Modest Midiatico266Elite Knight
Mohhamed Alqaeda283Elder Druid
Mohhammed Alqaeda329Master Sorcerer
Moises Juunior399Royal Paladin
Mold493Royal Paladin
Moneyzeraha251Elite Knight
Monstera Deliciosa84Knight
Morte Depressivaa382Royal Paladin
Mortinho273Elder Druid
Motora412Master Sorcerer
Motorola373Elite Knight
Move Up342Royal Paladin
Mr Euforia446Elite Knight
Mrk Full Icons499Elite Knight
Mt Infinity349Master Sorcerer
Mula Manca320Royal Paladin
Mulf The Mage253Elder Druid
Mumuzzera295Royal Paladin
Muro De Concreto350Elite Knight
Murruga Weed446Royal Paladin
Murrugaa421Elite Knight
Mystico378Royal Paladin
Mza Humillity464Elder Druid
Nakoh302Elite Knight
Nala Destructora37Master Sorcerer
Nana304Elder Druid
Naoki286Elite Knight
Nasdaq448Master Sorcerer
Natali Rafaela277Elder Druid
Nazgul Lancaster464Royal Paladin
Nebulosa353Elite Knight
Ned Stark383Elite Knight
Nega Do Cash316Royal Paladin
Negro Roludo505Elite Knight
Never Down488Master Sorcerer
Never Joke Aj369Royal Paladin
Never Lose520Elite Knight
New Legend18Paladin
Nickerz Healer387Elder Druid
Nickerz Ms303Master Sorcerer
Niinii272Elite Knight
Nijaki434Elite Knight
Niknight460Elite Knight
Nino Brown One304Royal Paladin
Nitro Zeus216Royal Paladin
Noddle Svergson492Royal Paladin
Nodoby227Royal Paladin
Nops292Master Sorcerer
Nork424Elder Druid
Nost290Royal Paladin
Nostalgic Feel265Elite Knight
Notorious477Elder Druid
Nottz351Elite Knight
Nove Noinhas292Royal Paladin
Novinha Quinorenta274Royal Paladin
Novinha Terrivel288Elder Druid
Nubzin Full457Elder Druid
Numquelu136Elite Knight
Nunca Nem Vi272Royal Paladin
Nuntan Pally447Royal Paladin
Nw Ist Plyze456Elder Druid
Nyjah Huston445Elder Druid
Oativ427Elite Knight
Obliviionn249Master Sorcerer
Oitavo Anjo314Elite Knight
Old Feio407Royal Paladin
Old Legacy330Elder Druid
Olha Fregs268Druid
Olimpia311Elite Knight
Oliver Kina460Elite Knight
Oliver King483Royal Paladin
Oliver Kings363Elite Knight
Omni Ope425Royal Paladin
One Ss275Royal Paladin
Oneplus308Elite Knight
Onix520Elite Knight
Opressor Openview301Royal Paladin
Oreia Branca395Elite Knight
Origami312Elite Knight
Origamii293Elite Knight
Orlando312Elite Knight
Ostara311Elite Knight
Oxossi Cacador330Royal Paladin
Oxydrene356Royal Paladin
Pablo Escobar454Elite Knight
Pablo Scobar384Elder Druid
Pach Pach8Knight
Paco Lancaster475Elder Druid
Pai Seta Branca303Elite Knight
Paja432Elite Knight
Pala Quinze404Royal Paladin
Paladin Is Back302Royal Paladin
Paladini341Royal Paladin
Paladino Da Paz368Royal Paladin
Palla Chinikov348Royal Paladin
Palla Do Mal342Royal Paladin
Palladin Sky428Royal Paladin
Pally Chinikov348Royal Paladin
Pally Expert278Royal Paladin
Pally Malvadao203Royal Paladin
Pally Real356Royal Paladin
Pally Revoltz219Royal Paladin
Pallysuper397Royal Paladin
Pallyzin Noiado443Royal Paladin
Palyzinho292Royal Paladin
Para Viado401Elite Knight
Paracetamols188Master Sorcerer
Paramaxx Druid68Elder Druid
Parcel415Elite Knight
Patchanca140Master Sorcerer
Paulozilla266Elite Knight
Pegapega349Elite Knight
Pei Di Vei314Master Sorcerer
Peidando Runa271Elder Druid
Penecrete318Elite Knight
Pequeno Chique443Elder Druid
Pequeno Tanker386Elite Knight
Percival419Elite Knight
Perereca Suicida319Master Sorcerer
Perfectypplmza508Royal Paladin
Perigoso297Master Sorcerer
Perpetuo371Royal Paladin
Peter Paan292Royal Paladin
Petisco255Royal Paladin
Piazaodopr268Elite Knight
Picapal518Elder Druid
Picoca Dizossa300Elite Knight
Pilastrao491Elder Druid
Pillastrao513Elder Druid
Pinheiral Rjj384Royal Paladin
Pinheirall Rjj313Elder Druid
Pinhocada452Royal Paladin
Pior Pesadelo313Elite Knight
Pix Man349Elder Druid
Plesk The Mytho207Master Sorcerer
Podcasts424Royal Paladin
Poderoso Chefao486Elder Druid
Policia Militar275Master Sorcerer
Polisia328Royal Paladin
Pooltergeist291Elite Knight
Pop Eye16Knight
Popelle155Elder Druid
Popozinhos179Royal Paladin
Pori Range Amarelo145Royal Paladin
Pori Range Azul126Royal Paladin
Pori Range Branco128Royal Paladin
Pori Range Cinza100Royal Paladin
Pori Range Preto132Royal Paladin
Pori Range Rosa138Royal Paladin
Porque Eu Mano410Master Sorcerer
Porra Nenhuma419Elder Druid
Pota Eu Alexzik476Elder Druid
Potador Do Gatoo369Sorcerer
Potczyk482Elder Druid
Pothead Smoke468Elder Druid
Potusek304Elite Knight
Poucas Ideias303Royal Paladin
Powder263Elite Knight
Power Abuse371Royal Paladin
Preocupado255Elder Druid
Pribimaster425Master Sorcerer
Primo Rico405Royal Paladin
Princesa480Master Sorcerer
Princess527Royal Paladin
Pro Gex420Royal Paladin
Pro Hard Warfull313Royal Paladin
Pro Magnata389Master Sorcerer
Probiert358Elite Knight
Promotor329Elite Knight
Prospero322Elder Druid
Psico345Elite Knight
Psy Copatico335Master Sorcerer
Psycho319Elder Druid
Pszczyilitoro407Elder Druid
Pszczyillpapu402Elite Knight
Pszczylilwols402Elder Druid
Ptkr322Elder Druid
Pullback De Baixa255Knight
Punch Green362Royal Paladin
Puta Respeitada51Sorcerer
Puzkas428Elder Druid
Quartel De Medelin329Elite Knight
Quartel Escobar356Royal Paladin
Quarto Guerreiro317Royal Paladin
Que Nojo272Royal Paladin
Queen Dist505Royal Paladin
Queen Ton472Elite Knight
Quer Comprar504Elder Druid
Quickies419Royal Paladin
Quinto Hodazi304Royal Paladin
Quory366Elite Knight
Raazcar146Royal Paladin
Racha Cuca334Elite Knight
Rackzet271Elder Druid
Rafaa453Elder Druid
Ragnar Lordbrok447Royal Paladin
Rakion Latino349Elite Knight
Ramal Insano325Elder Druid
Ramzsik204Elder Druid
Rashad Evans416Elder Druid
Ray Ed252Elder Druid
Rayaninha Forti245Elite Knight
Razan273Royal Paladin
Real Necrozzy302Royal Paladin
Realgoscar352Elder Druid
Reaper477Master Sorcerer
Recolhe Dinheiro390Elite Knight
Red Gyarados412Royal Paladin
Reeii Do Trafico449Master Sorcerer
Rei Do Ssa361Royal Paladin
Rei Lascoste225Master Sorcerer
Rei Vlog420Elite Knight
Remin447Elder Druid
Reocker522Elder Druid
Retrasada Mental332Elder Druid
Revoada Do Tubarao411Elite Knight
Rezav406Royal Paladin
Rhlm322Elder Druid
Rick And Morty432Royal Paladin
Rillary276Master Sorcerer
Ripped452Elite Knight
Riyulen526Elite Knight
Robin Black324Royal Paladin
Robin Hood449Royal Paladin
Rockstar Games461Elder Druid
Rodcust423Royal Paladin
Rodrigo437Royal Paladin
Rodrigoakio332Elder Druid
Rodzera495Elite Knight
Rodzera House329Elite Knight
Role Na Quebrada287Master Sorcerer
Ronda Rousey262Elite Knight
Rooxshelby301Master Sorcerer
Rothuan138Royal Paladin
Rowena Diabolic305Elder Druid
Royal James354Royal Paladin
Royal Mandrake226Paladin
Royal Paladina365Royal Paladin
Rp Chefe313Royal Paladin
Rpmarokin258Royal Paladin
Rufus Old481Royal Paladin
Ruiiva Dystacky428Elite Knight
Ruim De Mira371Royal Paladin
Rushskill Necro297Master Sorcerer
Russivel333Elite Knight
Ryan Frontline449Royal Paladin
Rydhia428Elite Knight
Rydrox299Royal Paladin
Saai Cachorro327Royal Paladin
Saci De Bicicleta345Royal Paladin
Sacron352Royal Paladin
Sahara372Master Sorcerer
Sai Daqi Mano415Elder Druid
Saicorreno Perai310Elite Knight
Saint Vipe353Master Sorcerer
Salazar Sonserina388Elder Druid
Salocin272Master Sorcerer
Saluzin379Elite Knight
Salva Viado289Elder Druid
Samis266Royal Paladin
San Cristobal375Elder Druid
Sanah232Royal Paladin
Sandbox504Elite Knight
Sandro Do Mercado255Elder Druid
Sanky Pally338Royal Paladin
Sansa Stark379Elite Knight
Santa Anita320Royal Paladin
Santa Rockstar273Paladin
Sapekinha279Elder Druid
Sarluni433Elder Druid
Sauvage472Royal Paladin
Savage Love524Royal Paladin
Save Your Tears257Elite Knight
Schneider424Royal Paladin
Schwarzkopf517Elder Druid
Scooby Doo372Royal Paladin
Scripter Nueve295Elder Druid
Sedex309Royal Paladin
Senhor Dos Aneis381Elder Druid
Senhor Mas Gran24Knight
Senhor Of Mas San70Paladin
Senku291Royal Paladin
Sequencia Vapo Vap373Elite Knight
Ser Quicksilver241Elite Knight
Serbero363Elite Knight
Sesshomaru390Master Sorcerer
Sete Jaciro305Royal Paladin
Seth437Master Sorcerer
Seth Lewis341Elder Druid
Setimo Anjo307Royal Paladin
Seu Cu No Tres419Royal Paladin
Sex And Love181Royal Paladin
Sex Girl21Royal Paladin
Shaco493Elite Knight
Shadowbolt524Royal Paladin
Shakur471Elder Druid
Shanna Garcia98Elder Druid
Sharystone408Elder Druid
She One267Paladin
Sheemale235Elite Knight
Shelby Dez311Elder Druid
Shelby Oito307Elder Druid
Shelby Onze306Elder Druid
Shen May458Elder Druid
Shinigamy362Royal Paladin
Shinoda401Elite Knight
Shogun439Elite Knight
Shorks446Royal Paladin
Shouzer515Elite Knight
Showcase257Elite Knight
Sidney Magal49Royal Paladin
Sidoka Lv251Royal Paladin
Sidoka Of Knight220Elite Knight
Sie Kensou397Master Sorcerer
Silas274Royal Paladin
Simo Hayha334Elite Knight
Simple Mente374Elite Knight
Siomax303Elder Druid
Sir Babolek444Elite Knight
Sir Bruninho451Elite Knight
Sir Magoozinho436Royal Paladin
Sir Mou262Royal Paladin
Sir Over523Royal Paladin
Six Ss264Royal Paladin
Skullita243Elite Knight
Slytharshelby343Elite Knight
Smoke The Weed421Royal Paladin
Smoking Kills288Elder Druid
Snefru268Elite Knight
Sniiper524Elder Druid
Sniper Easy460Royal Paladin
Snow Kina297Elite Knight
So Lamento417Elite Knight
Sobolts525Royal Paladin
Sofia Coppola292Elder Druid
Son Of Anarc462Elite Knight
Sondash309Royal Paladin
Sopelagrana249Elder Druid
Sorkzin Cheramuito265Master Sorcerer
Sorkzin Comoputa265Master Sorcerer
Sorkzin Fumamemo270Master Sorcerer
Sorkzin Kinazin8Knight
Sorkzin Metoavara260Master Sorcerer
Sorkzin Ninenine277Master Sorcerer
Sorocaba381Elite Knight
Sorocaba Cinco390Royal Paladin
Sorocaba Quatro406Elite Knight
Sorocaba Seis379Elder Druid
Sorocaba Sete391Elite Knight
Sorocaba Um395Royal Paladin
Sorte303Master Sorcerer
Soul Infinity391Elder Druid
Soulchips324Elite Knight
Spark146Royal Paladin
Sparkster31Elite Knight
Spook264Elite Knight
Sr Milburn274Master Sorcerer
Sr Sesshomaru10Knight
Ssa And Might409Elite Knight
Ssa And Might Dois338Royal Paladin
Stargazing266Elite Knight
Stark530Elder Druid
Starreti451Elder Druid
Starsky Mage385Master Sorcerer
Stase485Elite Knight
Stax523Master Sorcerer
Stelio370Elder Druid
Stese476Elite Knight
Stifler202Royal Paladin
Sto Stop Run Mcz362Elder Druid
Stomper290Master Sorcerer
Storm Kina96Knight
Storm Magic544Master Sorcerer
Strepsils529Royal Paladin
Strike Shandy313Royal Paladin
Striker Haxxor273Master Sorcerer
Striker King318Elite Knight
Striker Skazy312Elder Druid
Strong Nest500Elder Druid
Subzero Lilas446Elder Druid
Suco Di Fruta266Elite Knight
Sudaka230Royal Paladin
Sudenit401Elder Druid
Sugadora266Royal Paladin
Suguei Abaguinha509Elite Knight
Sujiro Qfuja286Elite Knight
Sup Sniper513Elder Druid
Super Saiajeans549Master Sorcerer
Suprem Mago334Elite Knight
Suykany358Master Sorcerer
Sword Of Valor523Elite Knight
Syborg403Royal Paladin
Synix448Elder Druid
Synthesis Recluse209Royal Paladin
Szpenio350Royal Paladin
Tabaquinhocom Ice422Elder Druid
Tacian387Royal Paladin
Taiga Aisaka453Elder Druid
Talco De Pe318Royal Paladin
Talibam417Elder Druid
Talis Thern490Elder Druid
Tangie413Elite Knight
Tank Evans100Knight
Tank Smith417Elite Knight
Tantofaz295Royal Paladin
Tapion316Royal Paladin
Tarado Da Gostosa466Elder Druid
Tarso Quer Matar279Royal Paladin
Task Man Four333Elite Knight
Task Man One328Elite Knight
Task Man Three334Elite Knight
Task Man Two331Elite Knight
Tatuu414Elite Knight
Taytay261Master Sorcerer
Tbines284Elder Druid
Teddy Beer334Elite Knight
Teichmann293Elite Knight
Tempesta467Elder Druid
Terceiro Hokage310Royal Paladin
Tesla434Elite Knight
Teteco Respect342Elite Knight
Tetra Crazy295Elite Knight
Tezos Ek354Elite Knight
The Beatles414Royal Paladin
The Best Rp415Royal Paladin
The Legend428Royal Paladin
The Notorious360Master Sorcerer
The Reis249Elite Knight
The Rolling Stones325Royal Paladin
Themonia182Elder Druid
Thiago Die444Elder Druid
Thoht491Elite Knight
Thomas Shelby405Elder Druid
Thor Lancaster474Elite Knight
Thor Valmont269Elite Knight
Thormuka409Elite Knight
Three Ss271Royal Paladin
Threntshelby343Elite Knight
Thunder519Elite Knight
Tia Gerarda Ek366Elite Knight
Tiago Fabricio342Master Sorcerer
Tiao Da Construcao170Master Sorcerer
Tibiana417Elite Knight
Tikinzin401Elite Knight
Tio Da Pinga272Druid
Tolitorando314Royal Paladin
Tommas Shelby164Elder Druid
Tony Chopper306Elder Druid
Tootz251Master Sorcerer
Topota Madre475Master Sorcerer
Tortera333Elite Knight
Tortex407Elder Druid
Toxiskit347Elder Druid
Tractor525Elite Knight
Trash Fox446Royal Paladin
Traveco Operado368Elder Druid
Treininn403Royal Paladin
Tripeh Man531Elder Druid
Tritec409Royal Paladin
Troy430Elite Knight
Troz424Elder Druid
Trump396Elite Knight
Twitter317Royal Paladin
Two Ss267Royal Paladin
Tyrion Lannister423Paladin
Uhtred Ragnarson404Elite Knight
Uknow467Royal Paladin
Underbarn256Master Sorcerer
Unforgettable Ek405Elite Knight
Unstop Knight422Elite Knight
Upa Ai Brow389Elite Knight
Us Guri298Elder Druid
Usain Bolt480Royal Paladin
Vadia Da Esquina283Master Sorcerer
Vadiazinha273Elite Knight
Vagabundo454Elite Knight
Vaginilda210Elder Druid
Vaigrita352Elite Knight
Vakedi452Elder Druid
Valagonis465Elder Druid
Valquiria Angel24Royal Paladin
Valtra325Royal Paladin
Vatapa400Royal Paladin
Vegeta449Royal Paladin
Veigaa263Elite Knight
Velasco461Royal Paladin
Velho Bruxo454Elder Druid
Veludo475Royal Paladin
Vem Mamar306Elite Knight
Vemcabebe292Elite Knight
Vendedor De Potion302Master Sorcerer
Venus456Elder Druid
Verme Cinza469Royal Paladin
Verme Cinzento409Elite Knight
Victor Leal335Elder Druid
Victorius340Elder Druid
Victorius Ms332Master Sorcerer
Vide Cul Fide327Elite Knight
Viens Calme473Elder Druid
Viitao469Elite Knight
Vikings527Elite Knight
Vindion262Elite Knight
Vinte Noinhas324Elite Knight
Vinticome426Elite Knight
Vira Node Preto454Elder Druid
Virgil384Master Sorcerer
Vitamina Xquix370Elite Knight
Vitao439Elite Knight
Vitinho Lovwar414Elite Knight
Vitones341Royal Paladin
Vltao464Elite Knight
Vo Lhe Lasca Todim434Royal Paladin
Voa Arrow235Royal Paladin
Vocered352Master Sorcerer
Von Richthofen316Royal Paladin
Vovo Gohan469Elder Druid
Vovozinho368Elite Knight
Vulgo Luciano441Elder Druid
Vulkanin461Elite Knight
War Keruzz447Royal Paladin
Warkeruz454Royal Paladin
Warlover376Royal Paladin
Warning Cunha366Elder Druid
Warrior Pitbull274Elite Knight
Warvetyx436Elder Druid
Watengo Mage407Master Sorcerer
Wazok Than429Royal Paladin
Well Come423Elder Druid
Wendrak449Elite Knight
Wershek444Royal Paladin
Wesley Arocha291Elite Knight
Wetsbrook459Elder Druid
Whiskeyshelby334Royal Paladin
White Killerzin282Master Sorcerer
Whitney Houston489Royal Paladin
Wiix408Elite Knight
Winston Azul335Elder Druid
Wiska De Frango405Elder Druid
Wohh302Elder Druid
Wolski450Elder Druid
Woultt263Royal Paladin
Wszy103Royal Paladin
Wvaldo395Elder Druid
Xadet465Royal Paladin
Xama174Elder Druid
Xambra106Elder Druid
Xamorix377Elite Knight
Xavii459Elder Druid
Xaxah374Elite Knight
Xayah Xp217Paladin
Xena454Royal Paladin
Xereca Bomba20Elite Knight
Xereca Chernobyl20Elite Knight
Xerocaiina364Royal Paladin
Xerocaina341Elder Druid
Xiru Oakley30Knight
Xocoa304Master Sorcerer
Xora Bolts225Royal Paladin
Xora Emo Xd253Elite Knight
Xp Investimentos329Elite Knight
Xploit496Elite Knight
Xuazenegar403Elder Druid
Xuby483Elite Knight
Xupakudatuamina279Elite Knight
Xurumy420Master Sorcerer
Xxdarkwizardxx424Master Sorcerer
Xypex323Royal Paladin
Yamizada440Royal Paladin
Yankziee345Elder Druid
Yankziie418Elder Druid
Yasmin310Elder Druid
Yenich443Elder Druid
Yggdrasil261Elder Druid
Yiirozinho475Elder Druid
Yoda431Elder Druid
Yodi436Elder Druid
You Lose292Master Sorcerer
Yurii205Elite Knight
Zaitsev430Royal Paladin
Zaker264Elder Druid
Zakeu281Elder Druid
Zangado363Royal Paladin
Zaniis387Master Sorcerer
Zara Loic505Elder Druid
Zard Kingston330Royal Paladin
Zawayne Bror464Elder Druid
Ze Do Mp301Master Sorcerer
Ze Do Palito463Royal Paladin
Ze Gotinha310Master Sorcerer
Ze Magalhaes102Elite Knight
Ze Moura318Elite Knight
Zeh Comeia399Elite Knight
Zelda Shadowbolt434Royal Paladin
Zeno Zama321Master Sorcerer
Zhack Macloud94Knight
Zhock Macloud283Elder Druid
Zinho434Royal Paladin
Ziyech492Elite Knight
Zizo258Elder Druid
Zonek409Elite Knight
Zongzi347Elder Druid
Zwydek423Elder Druid

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1586, Elder Druid
2- Dugrau
564, Elder Druid
3- Super Saiajeans
549, Master Sorcerer
4- Maniac Club
545, Elite Knight
5- Storm Magic
544, Master Sorcerer

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