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Status: Online
Server PVP Type
Players Online: 1553 Players Online
Online Record: 4256 players (on Jan 26 2021, 20:01:18 -03)
Creation Date: 04/01/2021
Location: Montreal - Canada
PvP Type: Open PvP
Premium Type: Free Premium Account
Transfer Type: Blocked
World Quest Titles: This game world currently has no title.

Players Online [ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z ]
Name [sort] Level [sort] Vocation [sort]
Aagel Ragim488Royal Paladin
Aanonymous279Elder Druid
Abadie314Elder Druid
Adarro455Elder Druid
Addon Seller515Royal Paladin
Adelaide164Royal Paladin
Adisia426Master Sorcerer
Adverts26Elder Druid
Agamotto599Elder Druid
Agente Ava588Elder Druid
Aghor Lenistor378Royal Paladin
Agris Knir389Royal Paladin
Aian Of Night427Elite Knight
Aizen Rhain554Royal Paladin
Ak Rp348Royal Paladin
Akpo489Royal Paladin
Akud Kara476Elite Knight
Akyrah349Royal Paladin
Al Pinche Latuz655Elder Druid
Alambray506Master Sorcerer
Alan Berrola530Elder Druid
Alaricado336Elder Druid
Alchemist Guedini495Elder Druid
Alchymist123Elder Druid
Aldo Raine574Elder Druid
Ale Magno446Elite Knight
Aleister Crowler434Master Sorcerer
Alejado Andando456Master Sorcerer
Alemao Mito346Royal Paladin
Alerquina Sc458Master Sorcerer
Alexa Wine572Elite Knight
Alexxo609Royal Paladin
Aliison497Royal Paladin
Alinsca388Elder Druid
Allah Ukbar530Master Sorcerer
Allakazam419Elder Druid
Allan Kardec558Royal Paladin
Allan Pally529Royal Paladin
Allmigh404Royal Paladin
Alone Warning440Royal Paladin
Alysia424Elder Druid
Amamae Chego439Royal Paladin
Amelia Paralda411Royal Paladin
Americana Sp400Elder Druid
Amigo Do Biel230Elder Druid
Amiistel205Royal Paladin
Angel Chy404Elder Druid
Angel Magmanus426Elite Knight
Anhanguera263Elder Druid
Anjos Da Morte510Elder Druid
Anmx306Master Sorcerer
Anonimato253Elder Druid
Anorak85Master Sorcerer
Anta Maaligna449Elite Knight
Antares340Royal Paladin
Anti Push433Royal Paladin
Anubis Crazy491Elder Druid
Aquiles685Elite Knight
Arc Warden424Elder Druid
Arco Iris433Royal Paladin
Argon565Master Sorcerer
Arkmeron378Royal Paladin
Arqueira429Royal Paladin
Artigo Doze470Elite Knight
Asaarth210Master Sorcerer
Asarro491Elder Druid
Aseia Navok473Elite Knight
Assombro618Royal Paladin
Assopra359Royal Paladin
Astix Alar485Royal Paladin
Astrix488Elite Knight
Astro Boy425Elite Knight
Astro Word310Master Sorcerer
Atlas445Elite Knight
Atomic Samurai408Master Sorcerer
Audaccia571Royal Paladin
Auto497Elite Knight
Auto Brabo393Elite Knight
Autoo495Elite Knight
Avtar460Elite Knight
Awareness643Royal Paladin
Ayman All Zawahiri488Elite Knight
Ayzz477Royal Paladin
Azeen572Royal Paladin
Azekarrion Nethus276Royal Paladin
Azteka Uno363Royal Paladin
Baba Voss534Elder Druid
Babilonia Agreste627Master Sorcerer
Babiwlo456Elder Druid
Baby Lility289Master Sorcerer
Baden479Elder Druid
Bandalito518Elder Druid
Barbarius550Royal Paladin
Base Ado635Master Sorcerer
Beastmaster419Elder Druid
Bebito Fiufiu546Royal Paladin
Bebum Max303Elite Knight
Beck De Amsterdan558Master Sorcerer
Bee Neversleep424Elite Knight
Beelzeboss498Elder Druid
Beethoven532Elder Druid
Belial385Royal Paladin
Benegripe363Royal Paladin
Benoni495Elite Knight
Berruga254Royal Paladin
Beto Cury467Elite Knight
Beverly602Elite Knight
Beverly Full532Elder Druid
Beverly Hard555Royal Paladin
Beverly Hills617Royal Paladin
Bichada Bill272Elder Druid
Bid Belonogueira354Master Sorcerer
Bielzin Do Pai258Royal Paladin
Bili Bruto288Royal Paladin
Bilili371Elder Druid
Bililil460Elder Druid
Biluziitos409Elder Druid
Bimbo561Royal Paladin
Bina462Elder Druid
Bina Kina440Elite Knight
Biqueira Debala474Royal Paladin
Biribondo361Royal Paladin
Biss513Royal Paladin
Biss Ek364Elite Knight
Biss Eks355Elite Knight
Bizorro500Elite Knight
Black Crazyi516Elder Druid
Black Widow503Elder Druid
Blackfeet475Royal Paladin
Blade Knight452Elite Knight
Bladeblack249Elite Knight
Blink Merlim481Royal Paladin
Blint Archer469Royal Paladin
Blocked Full70Elite Knight
Blow Me604Master Sorcerer
Bob Vanderlaysk371Elder Druid
Boca De Sapo441Royal Paladin
Bodaum460Royal Paladin
Bogdanovich270Elite Knight
Boison419Master Sorcerer
Bolsopala251Royal Paladin
Bolt Mythos468Royal Paladin
Bombardo188Royal Paladin
Booble270Elite Knight
Borad Pilot402Elder Druid
Born To Die118Royal Paladin
Boska Lila442Master Sorcerer
Bota Cara476Royal Paladin
Boto Hell478Royal Paladin
Bottonez Stark486Royal Paladin
Boy Dreamm519Elder Druid
Boy Moon459Royal Paladin
Bozkhaa298Master Sorcerer
Braan Srtak33Paladin
Bradoks139Elite Knight
Brasiliano681Royal Paladin
Breno Blogueirinho536Elder Druid
Brentki463Elder Druid
Brisola Hard449Elder Druid
Britney Bitch487Elder Druid
Broadcast610Royal Paladin
Brunille The Queen511Elite Knight
Bruno Garcia453Royal Paladin
Brutalheart451Elite Knight
Brutetamer515Elite Knight
Bryan586Elder Druid
Bubba Kush410Elite Knight
Bucherin487Royal Paladin
Buduvieser504Royal Paladin
Buher Scashibam374Royal Paladin
Buhu570Elder Druid
Buhu Here407Royal Paladin
Bulma Rp372Royal Paladin
Bzka34Elder Druid
Cabbanes142Royal Paladin
Cabello Guinho196Paladin
Cabelo458Elite Knight
Cabelo Guiinho194Paladin
Cabelo Guinho391Royal Paladin
Cabelo Ramos128Paladin
Cagadinho390Royal Paladin
Caili471Royal Paladin
Caise Um385Paladin
Caiser Quatro408Elite Knight
Calki Sart476Royal Paladin
Callcullista267Royal Paladin
Cansei467Royal Paladin
Capa Do Diabo531Royal Paladin
Capitaum Cueca587Elite Knight
Capivarah Sete434Royal Paladin
Cara Branca434Elite Knight
Cariok Safado458Royal Paladin
Cassino24Elite Knight
Catchorada204Elder Druid
Caxeroo419Royal Paladin
Caye383Royal Paladin
Cb Patrao498Elite Knight
Cbr Seiscentas504Elder Druid
Cecap De Baixo466Elite Knight
Cedrion Kayandus289Royal Paladin
Celinxd626Elder Druid
Cesitas255Master Sorcerer
Chakral410Royal Paladin
Chang Cheng283Elite Knight
Chavao Full543Elder Druid
Cheez It402Royal Paladin
Chelzao426Elite Knight
Cheque Mate263Royal Paladin
Chicao Metro586Elite Knight
Chico Cacador449Elite Knight
Chico Knight422Elite Knight
Chico Paladin431Royal Paladin
Chico Rey Parana379Master Sorcerer
Chiricuazo308Master Sorcerer
Cho Mata Se Hyeong257Elder Druid
Chosen One530Elite Knight
Chrissy Tiro Certo448Royal Paladin
Cigana466Royal Paladin
Cindelera270Royal Paladin
Cinderela356Elder Druid
Civic Ek468Elite Knight
Ckimimaroo480Royal Paladin
Clay Spencer634Elite Knight
Cleanshooter454Royal Paladin
Clisther346Elite Knight
Clockwerk409Elder Druid
Comandante Frank649Elite Knight
Comandante Ricksaw667Elite Knight
Comedia570Elite Knight
Comi Teu Cu381Master Sorcerer
Cordoviil468Royal Paladin
Coringa Seven397Royal Paladin
Coringa Two407Royal Paladin
Corteva414Royal Paladin
Crashzinho344Master Sorcerer
Crazyclown407Royal Paladin
Cride404Elite Knight
Cristal Emanuely490Royal Paladin
Crowley384Royal Paladin
Cst Da Bueira515Elder Druid
Cunha493Elder Druid
Cururu Archer195Paladin
Cyclones505Royal Paladin
Daario Naharis467Royal Paladin
Dagrao Branco666Master Sorcerer
Dan Ehrei322Master Sorcerer
Danado Ga630Elder Druid
Dani Dadeira317Elite Knight
Dani Nobrega486Elder Druid
Daniel Ehrei420Elite Knight
Danielehrei357Elder Druid
Dank393Elder Druid
Darcy435Elite Knight
Dark Al648Royal Paladin
Dark Schneider373Master Sorcerer
Dark Seer411Elder Druid
Dark Willow421Elder Druid
Dasew551Elder Druid
Daulls543Master Sorcerer
David Lucas619Elder Druid
David Nolan404Elder Druid
Davies470Elite Knight
Davizinho Killer201Druid
Dazzler676Elder Druid
De Julitos461Elder Druid
Dead Not256Royal Paladin
Degmab254Elder Druid
Dema484Elite Knight
Demir452Elite Knight
Denali485Elite Knight
Desdruidorr445Elite Knight
Desenpregado410Royal Paladin
Deuses Egipcios575Elite Knight
Device King489Elder Druid
Devil Calls478Royal Paladin
Devil Lycan466Elite Knight
Dex Ter489Elder Druid
Dexxter557Royal Paladin
Deyverson Tiktoker376Elite Knight
Dharynn419Elder Druid
Diane De Venus266Royal Paladin
Dijsgjsnb464Elder Druid
Dios Anubis455Elite Knight
Discordiapr457Royal Paladin
Distortions598Royal Paladin
Dizzi410Master Sorcerer
Dko Skirk371Elder Druid
Dobnexx Zica498Elder Druid
Doc Comandos267Royal Paladin
Doctor Stranger488Master Sorcerer
Dogmau405Elder Druid
Doidodedroga332Elite Knight
Dolores Goxtosa414Elder Druid
Dolpers355Master Sorcerer
Dom Opachi480Elite Knight
Don Boer401Elder Druid
Dona Benta472Royal Paladin
Dona Deola555Royal Paladin
Dona Gertrudez593Master Sorcerer
Doona Clotilde186Elder Druid
Doze Noinhas377Royal Paladin
Dracule Mihawk425Elite Knight
Draculoide368Elder Druid
Drakenzitow443Elite Knight
Draugr336Elite Knight
Dreziono Aluwariel279Royal Paladin
Drowrs454Master Sorcerer
Druid Da Arcana396Elder Druid
Druid Expert474Elder Druid
Druid Snow One390Elder Druid
Druida Dos Inferno325Elder Druid
Druiidita Oxz425Elder Druid
Dubllacks330Elder Druid
Duck Oblivion216Royal Paladin
Duda Bolada424Elder Druid
Dugrauo428Master Sorcerer
Dulia Mrk454Master Sorcerer
Dulia Princess554Master Sorcerer
Dumbledore Paladin403Royal Paladin
Dunnozin479Elite Knight
Duranza565Elite Knight
Dust Crusader468Paladin
Dyanzin555Elder Druid
Earthquaake384Elder Druid
Ebee Ebee420Royal Paladin
Ed Pro527Elder Druid
Eddin Scriipt448Master Sorcerer
Edward Talbot454Elder Druid
Egroeg535Elite Knight
Ehlers444Elite Knight
Ek Hyper600Elite Knight
Ek Pakistan228Knight
Ek Treze661Elite Knight
Ekdox Rpdex389Royal Paladin
Ekdox Rpdois403Royal Paladin
Ekdox Rpoito368Royal Paladin
Ekdox Rpseis398Royal Paladin
Ekdox Rpsete393Royal Paladin
Ekdox Rpum413Paladin
Ekitoplasma358Elite Knight
El Death363Elder Druid
El Julia431Elite Knight
El Markiin546Royal Paladin
El Paredon276Elite Knight
El Salvador549Elder Druid
El Shelby545Royal Paladin
El Tank540Elite Knight
El Zeta Cuarenta344Elite Knight
Elcaboo106Royal Paladin
Elder Kokon108Druid
Elder Pudge227Royal Paladin
Elder Reno480Elder Druid
Elder Retorno486Elder Druid
Elder Taquara428Elder Druid
Eldersuper622Elder Druid
Electabuzz565Master Sorcerer
Elite Holy381Elite Knight
Elite Jason305Elite Knight
Elite Sir Fair365Elite Knight
Ell Danger407Royal Paladin
Ell Rey447Royal Paladin
Ellen Mara452Elite Knight
Elthought413Elite Knight
Ember Spirit419Elder Druid
Emma Swan403Elder Druid
Encrenca149Elite Knight
Ender Pakistan348Master Sorcerer
Enjoy The Moment582Elite Knight
Enola Holmes411Elder Druid
Entaota468Royal Paladin
Enzo Miguel541Elder Druid
Erep Zero448Royal Paladin
Erep Zerocinco457Royal Paladin
Erep Zerodois480Royal Paladin
Erep Zeroquatro433Royal Paladin
Erep Zeroseis428Royal Paladin
Erep Zeroum460Royal Paladin
Erianotum Otir285Royal Paladin
Eros Power230Royal Paladin
Erripe Thanka467Royal Paladin
Esqer470Master Sorcerer
Esse Voce Matamiss558Master Sorcerer
Esternebra361Master Sorcerer
Eternal Gott322Master Sorcerer
Eternal Oblivionn481Elite Knight
Eterno Kekesu547Elite Knight
Ethira Khas485Elder Druid
Eu Dishavoo316Elder Druid
Eu Tenho Fotos81Paladin
Eulinho Griffin483Elder Druid
Eunaoseipq359Royal Paladin
Euseguro Trapcasa317Elite Knight
Evaldo457Elite Knight
Exu Caveiroso142Elite Knight
Eyes Of Devil340Elite Knight
Eyes Of Hell436Elite Knight
Faaisca341Elite Knight
Facao453Elite Knight
Fada Assassyna529Elite Knight
Fah Digdin554Elder Druid
Failed Cinco421Elite Knight
Failed Quatro422Elite Knight
Failed Tres431Elite Knight
Fantom Ek8Knight
Feared Drulol479Elder Druid
Ferens313Master Sorcerer
Ferxxo251Royal Paladin
Fettuccine416Royal Paladin
Fevitt Brophiryla302Royal Paladin
Fezo Seven312Royal Paladin
Fezo Sex313Royal Paladin
Ficaso447Royal Paladin
Fighting Cube409Elite Knight
Filho Prodigo433Royal Paladin
Filoux Pally514Royal Paladin
Filthyshelby399Elder Druid
Fire Red475Elder Druid
Fish Mooney230Elder Druid
Fit Now220Druid
Flamel567Elder Druid
Flash Reverso574Royal Paladin
Flaterry Ek Dois426Elite Knight
Flawn516Elder Druid
Fliper132Elite Knight
Flow Up464Elite Knight
Fluidity650Elder Druid
Fly Axe377Elite Knight
Flynow214Elite Knight
Fogo Na Babilonia551Elite Knight
Foox Kin325Elite Knight
Forkers438Elite Knight
Foveiro429Elite Knight
Frederick424Elite Knight
Fredrick Zoller539Master Sorcerer
Froes330Master Sorcerer
Frozen Heart474Elder Druid
Fsalencar142Elite Knight
Full Assault521Master Sorcerer
Fulls Opressao455Royal Paladin
Fumadaco302Royal Paladin
Fusao Quarenta223Royal Paladin
Fusil370Royal Paladin
Ga Danado204Elder Druid
Ga Danadoo593Elder Druid
Gaa Danado497Elder Druid
Galamisina459Royal Paladin
Gallant Oz569Elder Druid
Galux Dominus411Elite Knight
Gambz172Elite Knight
Gamdias459Royal Paladin
Gandalf488Elder Druid
Gangs Starbrow444Master Sorcerer
Gato Manco89Knight
Gays Parts445Royal Paladin
Gebasu Barus284Royal Paladin
Gehrman Sparrow339Elite Knight
Gelado497Elder Druid
Gell453Royal Paladin
George Russel418Master Sorcerer
Geow487Elite Knight
Ghazly297Royal Paladin
Gilsu534Elite Knight
Gmaestri166Elite Knight
Gnik Serphirot583Royal Paladin
Gnomin542Royal Paladin
Godzinhu584Royal Paladin
Gohan Rp369Paladin
Goku Ed418Elder Druid
Golpe Baixo434Elite Knight
Golpe De Estado465Royal Paladin
Gordo Burro227Royal Paladin
Goretzka511Elite Knight
Gori Gori228Royal Paladin
Gorilla Glue433Elite Knight
Green River651Royal Paladin
Greyson656Royal Paladin
Grifyyn413Elder Druid
Griifyyn381Royal Paladin
Grun662Elite Knight
Gryffiador502Elder Druid
Gryllo447Master Sorcerer
Grylo408Master Sorcerer
Guccii455Royal Paladin
Guerobinha252Master Sorcerer
Guerreira Albinas415Elite Knight
Guerrero Dieciseis349Elite Knight
Guerrero Diez443Elite Knight
Guerrero Doce445Elite Knight
Guerrero Nueve452Elite Knight
Guerrero Once462Elite Knight
Guerrero Quince422Elite Knight
Guerrero Trece451Elite Knight
Guided By Rivotril474Elite Knight
Guizerah Da Tanker299Royal Paladin
Gustavin445Elite Knight
Gustavo Lima633Elder Druid
Gylnesh309Master Sorcerer
Haargot320Royal Paladin
Hadin Rullez251Elite Knight
Hahvok589Elder Druid
Hahvok Arrow610Royal Paladin
Hahvok Blocker666Elite Knight
Hahvok Legend591Royal Paladin
Hahvok Master563Master Sorcerer
Hahvok Solder516Royal Paladin
Hahvok Warrior575Royal Paladin
Hakkan449Elite Knight
Halcon Negro401Royal Paladin
Hanax201Royal Paladin
Hans Landa542Elite Knight
Harrison642Royal Paladin
Harvard656Elite Knight
Harvard Hills530Elder Druid
Hasan Seven415Royal Paladin
Hasso531Elite Knight
Havockz384Master Sorcerer
Hehe533Elder Druid
Heinekenzin503Royal Paladin
Helenna424Royal Paladin
Hell Boto416Royal Paladin
Hell Paladin493Royal Paladin
Hellboy505Elder Druid
Heloisa Sz335Elite Knight
Hennessy417Elder Druid
Henry Cavill435Master Sorcerer
Herbert Richers494Elite Knight
Hermione Druida429Elder Druid
Hermiony442Elite Knight
Hernandez Del Sio496Elder Druid
Highlights535Elite Knight
Hiineghan457Elder Druid
Hilmi416Elite Knight
Hmenon430Elite Knight
Hobbs605Elite Knight
Hobin Hood364Royal Paladin
Holly Pointer352Elder Druid
Holy Fire619Royal Paladin
Holy Gasket498Elder Druid
Holz345Elite Knight
Honest630Royal Paladin
Honey Flower8Sorcerer
Horuxuwe339Royal Paladin
Huios436Elite Knight
Hungria627Elite Knight
Hussar Paralyzer640Elder Druid
Hypocrite506Elder Druid
Hyulle475Royal Paladin
Icannabis327Royal Paladin
Ice Do Mal490Elder Druid
Icegurt512Elder Druid
Icewizard561Elder Druid
Igniz278Elite Knight
Igor Cwb Bro579Elder Druid
Ikar Arletan374Royal Paladin
Illidan297Royal Paladin
Imperius609Elder Druid
Impro Vision569Elder Druid
Impulso285Elite Knight
Indalf502Master Sorcerer
Indicaz504Royal Paladin
Infernus Return403Elder Druid
Inimigo Publico353Royal Paladin
Insanity Mage476Elder Druid
Insanos455Elite Knight
Intact Knight319Elite Knight
Intojado242Master Sorcerer
Iphone Da China273Royal Paladin
Irmaodojoel234Royal Paladin
Ironman351Elite Knight
Isis Fighter410Elite Knight
Itzme466Elite Knight
Jabu476Elite Knight
Jabulani200Elite Knight
Jack Devil513Royal Paladin
Jaden Ox470Elite Knight
Jaique429Elite Knight
Jair Bolsonaro592Elite Knight
Jaki Moon243Elite Knight
Jaleio167Master Sorcerer
Jamal Galactic516Elder Druid
Jarochon361Elite Knight
Jason393Royal Paladin
Jason Hayes640Elite Knight
Javali Dois452Royal Paladin
Jd Loak668Elite Knight
Jebac Jebac329Elder Druid
Jefitizz317Elder Druid
Jeremy421Elder Druid
Jess583Royal Paladin
Jesus The King451Elite Knight
Jetlee173Elite Knight
Jiraya Cinco406Elder Druid
Jiraya Dex403Elder Druid
Jiraya Dois421Elder Druid
Jiraya Sete367Druid
Jiraya Tres412Elder Druid
Jiraya Um421Elder Druid
Jjgnht Dnefgn651Elite Knight
Joao Crente399Elite Knight
Joao Nojento497Elite Knight
Joaozerah Rushzera548Royal Paladin
Joaozin Nagib486Elite Knight
Joaquim Teixeira185Elite Knight
Job Scripts549Royal Paladin
John Dee407Elder Druid
Johnny Bravo345Elite Knight
Johnyy Cash353Elite Knight
Joka Eterno463Elder Druid
Jollo402Elite Knight
Jon Jones496Elite Knight
Jordan452Elder Druid
Jorsan435Elite Knight
Josuearenas421Royal Paladin
Juanbar598Royal Paladin
Juizado De Menor450Elite Knight
Juliiano485Elder Druid
Junior Nike595Elder Druid
Jupiterx346Master Sorcerer
Juraci Four389Royal Paladin
Juraci One391Royal Paladin
Juruna Taka Bolo17Druid
Kabum367Elite Knight
Kagome Higurashi295Royal Paladin
Kakarotto Palla385Royal Paladin
Kalas Daverayr301Royal Paladin
Kalavnikok364Master Sorcerer
Kaloh Ridarimoth273Royal Paladin
Kalyx Micif295Royal Paladin
Kamiikazi353Elder Druid
Kanissa334Elite Knight
Karena Frost154Elite Knight
Karia487Elite Knight
Karl Urban557Master Sorcerer
Karnak309Royal Paladin
Karton458Elite Knight
Karya523Royal Paladin
Kashtan Detonator252Elite Knight
Kashtan The Czolg340Elite Knight
Katagiri Katsumoto499Elite Knight
Kaurk538Elite Knight
Kayn286Royal Paladin
Kazakhstan444Elite Knight
Keep Calm100Elder Druid
Kenji Elderovsky400Elder Druid
Kenner456Elite Knight
Kewhyx595Elder Druid
Khalid651Elite Knight
Khangal144Royal Paladin
Khaoz556Elder Druid
Khuvy Lizebart285Royal Paladin
Khyoz586Elder Druid
Ki Naite451Elite Knight
Ki Night413Elite Knight
Kiev The Swordman368Elite Knight
Kii Night614Elite Knight
Kijaw602Elder Druid
Kikazinho309Elite Knight
Killyou263Elite Knight
Kim Jong375Elder Druid
Kimerus501Elder Druid
Kina Chemistry513Elite Knight
Kina De Papel258Knight
Kina Do Sube Mundo254Knight
Kina Maker Money518Elite Knight
Kina Masterzinho626Royal Paladin
Kina One409Elite Knight
Kina Volta Full505Elite Knight
Kinasuper662Elite Knight
Kinderhufeisen650Elder Druid
King Garugon636Master Sorcerer
King Luizinho610Elder Druid
King Magon643Elder Druid
King Max Brown668Elite Knight
King Nighty230Elite Knight
King Tripa417Royal Paladin
King Tripinha452Elder Druid
King Usb448Elder Druid
King Western North363Elite Knight
King Will606Elder Druid
Kingsdarvis256Elite Knight
Kinona574Elite Knight
Kiss Your Ass107Master Sorcerer
Kita Feiticeiro279Master Sorcerer
Kitaninja323Royal Paladin
Kleyver Knigth269Elite Knight
Kleyver Palladih227Paladin
Knight Berserk488Elite Knight
Knight Expert415Elite Knight
Knight Of The Hell304Elite Knight
Koda700Master Sorcerer
Korsan453Master Sorcerer
Kovirus331Royal Paladin
Krubla252Elder Druid
Kucka Knajt206Elite Knight
Kudimel185Elite Knight
Kula508Elder Druid
Kunavara123Elite Knight
Kunkka414Elder Druid
Kurvo Yebana392Elite Knight
Kusyno208Royal Paladin
Kydde Sijamoson272Royal Paladin
Kynoas Isaligar377Royal Paladin
Kyra The Druid437Elder Druid
La Chalupa310Royal Paladin
La Chapizza450Royal Paladin
Lacostado Two504Elder Druid
Ladrao De Gaiola424Royal Paladin
Lady Lagertha597Elder Druid
Lady Naty469Elite Knight
Laika488Elite Knight
Lambe Seda462Royal Paladin
Lamuerte Tellama622Elite Knight
Largheta Last400Royal Paladin
Latrocinio390Royal Paladin
Latton Amaemnord380Royal Paladin
Latuz Maldito656Elite Knight
Laux459Royal Paladin
Le Petit363Royal Paladin
Legiao Urbana439Elder Druid
Legolas Verde438Royal Paladin
Leite Da Vaca535Elder Druid
Leitinho587Master Sorcerer
Lekera531Elder Druid
Lekera Taca Palito540Royal Paladin
Leo Lins294Master Sorcerer
Leo The Bruxo180Royal Paladin
Leozin Mercilessly402Elite Knight
Leubino456Elite Knight
Lezao270Royal Paladin
Light Yagami454Royal Paladin
Lindinhaxd466Royal Paladin
Litana433Royal Paladin
Little Simz589Elder Druid
Live Life622Elder Druid
Loboh464Elite Knight
Loco De Erva271Master Sorcerer
Locobests349Elder Druid
Lokinaomorreu424Royal Paladin
Loko Gamer359Master Sorcerer
Loko Vid490Elder Druid
Lontra288Master Sorcerer
Loot Fast469Royal Paladin
Lord Kenda431Royal Paladin
Lord Kevin508Elite Knight
Lord Morelin463Elder Druid
Lord Of The Stars580Royal Paladin
Lord Paraiba348Royal Paladin
Lord Sauron327Knight
Lord Sio341Druid
Lord Trevouz413Elite Knight
Lordkills456Elder Druid
Lordkillss438Royal Paladin
Lordyh465Master Sorcerer
Loschadcitos611Elite Knight
Lost Laikers40Paladin
Lovy Metal401Elite Knight
Low La Perra494Elder Druid
Lowtek514Elite Knight
Lu Arqueiro409Royal Paladin
Lu Druid317Druid
Lucaao470Elder Druid
Lucao Invencivel482Elder Druid
Lucasownz313Elder Druid
Luchel Monhod264Royal Paladin
Luciusxx499Master Sorcerer
Lucky Luke526Elder Druid
Luisinha Killyou262Elite Knight
Luizzgtzz223Elder Druid
Luna Isabelle564Elder Druid
Luna Marien473Royal Paladin
Luna Unknown563Master Sorcerer
Luverci462Elite Knight
Luxy374Master Sorcerer
Luz Da Meia Noite492Master Sorcerer
Machiavelli422Elder Druid
Macinco362Royal Paladin
Maconhacinco30Elite Knight
Maconhadois30Elite Knight
Maconhaquatro27Elite Knight
Maconhatreis26Elite Knight
Maconhaum29Elite Knight
Macumbeira629Elder Druid
Macumbeiro676Master Sorcerer
Mad Kyller282Royal Paladin
Madara Uhicha528Elder Druid
Mage Cabuloso505Elder Druid
Mage Loka Loka385Elder Druid
Mage Mystica293Master Sorcerer
Mage Tenebroso626Master Sorcerer
Magerun360Master Sorcerer
Magestity King400Elite Knight
Magestityeighteen402Elite Knight
Magestitysixteen409Elite Knight
Magic Dick436Master Sorcerer
Magic Mage226Master Sorcerer
Magiq383Elite Knight
Magnopiro519Elder Druid
Mago Dos Nutri176Master Sorcerer
Mago Ze493Elder Druid
Magoado471Royal Paladin
Magrinho314Royal Paladin
Maiev Shadowsong184Royal Paladin
Mailus Pala Five410Royal Paladin
Mailus Pala Four409Royal Paladin
Mailus Pala One480Royal Paladin
Mailus Pala Seven406Royal Paladin
Mailus Pala Six408Royal Paladin
Mailus Pala Three465Royal Paladin
Mailus Pala Two479Royal Paladin
Mais Que Lasanha464Elite Knight
Mais Um Diogo538Elder Druid
Majorbolt520Royal Paladin
Maker Money Tres8Paladin
Maker Random671Elder Druid
Malako461Elite Knight
Malandrito Mauri227Knight
Maldade Dnove367Royal Paladin
Maldade Doito370Royal Paladin
Maldade Dseis368Royal Paladin
Maldade Dsete368Royal Paladin
Maldade Vcinco368Royal Paladin
Maldade Vdois369Royal Paladin
Maldade Vinte364Royal Paladin
Maldade Vnove369Royal Paladin
Maldade Voito368Royal Paladin
Maldade Vquatro361Paladin
Maldade Vseis368Royal Paladin
Maldade Vsete369Royal Paladin
Maldade Vtres366Royal Paladin
Maldade Vum369Royal Paladin
Maleevolaa468Royal Paladin
Mane493Master Sorcerer
Maniac Clob403Master Sorcerer
Manipulator170Master Sorcerer
Mano Da Ganja356Elite Knight
Manu Ginobili457Elite Knight
Manyi436Elder Druid
Marcelo Dedois421Master Sorcerer
Marci612Elder Druid
Marcos Evangelista569Elder Druid
Marcos Rocha373Elder Druid
Marien Luna486Royal Paladin
Marijuana Club452Elite Knight
Marioneta504Elite Knight
Marjola449Elite Knight
Markiin Crazy445Royal Paladin
Markiin Invicto522Royal Paladin
Markiin Kingziin517Royal Paladin
Markiinzerah Kiing489Royal Paladin
Mars356Elder Druid
Marshalls526Elder Druid
Marte692Master Sorcerer
Marvel Lagnd521Royal Paladin
Marvell Lagnd593Elder Druid
Mary Margaret396Elder Druid
Mas Tera518Elder Druid
Maseiss358Royal Paladin
Master Da Maconha480Royal Paladin
Master Dunno491Elite Knight
Master Jack208Master Sorcerer
Master Knighter445Elite Knight
Master Lock410Elder Druid
Master Mage418Master Sorcerer
Master Winks552Master Sorcerer
Mato Sorrindo328Royal Paladin
Matomesmo296Elder Druid
Matomorreu246Master Sorcerer
Maum357Royal Paladin
Mauro Belem438Elite Knight
Mawkzs431Elite Knight
Max Brown633Elite Knight
Max Druid559Elder Druid
Max Full603Royal Paladin
Max Shield264Elite Knight
Max Um537Elite Knight
Maximus Heinrich442Elite Knight
Mayara Tanker503Elite Knight
Mayra Mineblox262Elder Druid
Mazmerize291Master Sorcerer
Mbappe Perninha177Elite Knight
Mc Donaldss135Paladin
Mc Paiva164Elder Druid
Mcdrika326Elite Knight
Mcpozedorodo318Royal Paladin
Mcz Rush502Master Sorcerer
Medo Puro197Elder Druid
Meelcky563Royal Paladin
Meelckz465Elder Druid
Meepo355Elder Druid
Meire Muller411Elite Knight
Menina Ousada352Master Sorcerer
Menina Safada349Elder Druid
Menino Club497Elite Knight
Menino Flam330Master Sorcerer
Menino Frigo326Druid
Menino Vis341Master Sorcerer
Mercator276Royal Paladin
Mertham Erotecruor287Royal Paladin
Meskyta382Royal Paladin
Mesttre329Royal Paladin
Metanabol477Elite Knight
Meteuoloco313Elite Knight
Mia Regazza282Royal Paladin
Miguel Garza528Elder Druid
Mil Garotas469Royal Paladin
Mim Ajuda360Elite Knight
Minajiscrucker582Elite Knight
Minibomb262Master Sorcerer
Miss Five288Royal Paladin
Miss Four304Royal Paladin
Miss One287Royal Paladin
Miss Six295Royal Paladin
Miss Three300Royal Paladin
Miss Two296Royal Paladin
Mitopax438Elder Druid
Mitrop590Royal Paladin
Mlk Insano527Elder Druid
Mnovee362Royal Paladin
Mobolla492Elder Druid
Mohawkk558Elder Druid
Moises Junioor473Elder Druid
Moneymaker230Elite Knight
Monica Bellucci325Elder Druid
Monstrinha560Elder Druid
Mooca264Elder Druid
Morbios447Elite Knight
Mordor493Elite Knight
Morphling428Elder Druid
Mortyzinho401Royal Paladin
Motorzinho386Royal Paladin
Mountain353Elite Knight
Mounz Original576Elder Druid
Mr Brownstone139Royal Paladin
Mr Poopo453Master Sorcerer
Mrk Famoso461Elder Druid
Mrkobe225Elder Druid
Ms Do Ssds81Sorcerer
Ms Vps Cinco429Master Sorcerer
Muglu478Elder Druid
Mulambo467Master Sorcerer
Musttafasa359Royal Paladin
Mxciel Crazy364Elder Druid
Mylenao257Royal Paladin
Myszorek455Royal Paladin
Mythology506Elder Druid
Nael430Elite Knight
Nafumon353Royal Paladin
Naga Siren355Elder Druid
Najlepsze437Elite Knight
Najperw355Elder Druid
Namikasz525Royal Paladin
Namumon348Royal Paladin
Narciso586Elder Druid
Naruto Pishudem92Elite Knight
Nash Mandragoran430Elite Knight
Nassim Habib624Elder Druid
Nedstark255Elite Knight
Neewt Scamander471Master Sorcerer
Nega Do Cash421Royal Paladin
Negoo224Royal Paladin
Neno Eight446Master Sorcerer
Neno Five437Master Sorcerer
Neno Four445Master Sorcerer
Neno Nine440Sorcerer
Neno One438Master Sorcerer
Neno Seven443Master Sorcerer
Neno Six441Master Sorcerer
Neno Ten439Master Sorcerer
Neno Three443Master Sorcerer
Neno Two433Master Sorcerer
Nephesto622Elder Druid
Netin Da Loteria457Royal Paladin
Never Down650Master Sorcerer
Nightbreaker654Royal Paladin
Nightmarre316Royal Paladin
Niicholas Flamel439Elder Druid
Niks Tria475Elite Knight
Nina Kamerraider590Elder Druid
Ninaa521Master Sorcerer
Nino Um260Royal Paladin
Nip Qi Legendary487Royal Paladin
Nip The Torture455Elder Druid
Nitro Haze494Elite Knight
Noantri Drax275Royal Paladin
Nobertoxz405Royal Paladin
Nomu427Royal Paladin
Nordmyrenhulk380Elder Druid
Not Gain Exp354Elder Druid
Not Imprees203Master Sorcerer
Not Impress304Royal Paladin
Nota167Elite Knight
Notorious607Elder Druid
Nubmaster361Royal Paladin
Nyxs241Elite Knight
Oagicianien539Master Sorcerer
Obiitoo402Elder Druid
Objetivo359Royal Paladin
Odin Jomus478Elite Knight
Odiseo268Royal Paladin
Offline492Elder Druid
Ograp255Elder Druid
Ogre Magi424Elder Druid
Oiac374Master Sorcerer
Old Rp8Paladin
Old Top8Paladin
Oldelite256Master Sorcerer
Oldife Arcura476Elite Knight
Oleaara Ervairia318Elder Druid
Ollx492Elder Druid
Olmak Yada Olmamak174Druid
Onjack Tawback411Royal Paladin
Onjacktallkina406Elite Knight
Onze Noinhas377Royal Paladin
Opapai Chego370Elder Druid
Oreia Branca427Elite Knight
Organizador581Master Sorcerer
Oscar Freire555Elder Druid
Overcinco364Elite Knight
Overdez364Elite Knight
Overdois363Elite Knight
Overnove361Elite Knight
Overoito362Elite Knight
Overquatro371Elite Knight
Overseis362Elite Knight
Oversete365Elite Knight
Overtres362Elite Knight
Overum365Elite Knight
Ovo Killer One408Elite Knight
Pai Seta Branca497Elite Knight
Paidobill367Royal Paladin
Paladim315Royal Paladin
Paladino Da Paz466Royal Paladin
Paladino Violentto467Royal Paladin
Palek Terrorysta222Royal Paladin
Palha304Royal Paladin
Pally Chemistry536Royal Paladin
Pally Expert411Royal Paladin
Pally Lindo404Royal Paladin
Pally Of Leon161Paladin
Pallyloots253Royal Paladin
Pallysuper609Royal Paladin
Pancadaria370Master Sorcerer
Panser411Elite Knight
Panzzer354Master Sorcerer
Parig313Elite Knight
Parker Is Back534Elder Druid
Pars481Master Sorcerer
Pato Mallo442Master Sorcerer
Patrocinio Full645Master Sorcerer
Patyzinha Ek405Elite Knight
Pauzao392Royal Paladin
Pawer Guido269Elder Druid
Pcdzswcogrszwk580Master Sorcerer
Pedro Barriga453Elite Knight
Pega Eu Ek441Elite Knight
Pekra264Elder Druid
Pela Crista481Elite Knight
Peleguinho383Royal Paladin
Pelezinho504Master Sorcerer
Penis Longo389Royal Paladin
Peppa Pig528Elder Druid
Pequeno Tanker517Elite Knight
Peruanito Bb254Paladin
Perversaa467Royal Paladin
Pessoa Passaro416Elder Druid
Petiteron Wulajan277Royal Paladin
Phaladix421Royal Paladin
Phyr Magon649Elder Druid
Pift Paft Puft385Master Sorcerer
Pigalak369Master Sorcerer
Pikaxu El Matador486Master Sorcerer
Pinche Sicariiox523Elder Druid
Pinguim661Elder Druid
Pipoqueiro291Royal Paladin
Piricutico299Master Sorcerer
Piruvato Doido455Elite Knight
Pisciano453Elder Druid
Pitbull Carioca270Master Sorcerer
Playmobil652Elder Druid
Pocoyoo356Elite Knight
Policia Militar507Master Sorcerer
Poliglota320Master Sorcerer
Polish Queen11Paladin
Pombinha Assasina80Elder Druid
Poocoyo459Elder Druid
Popeu462Elite Knight
Popopopo375Elite Knight
Pose Sesentaynueve572Royal Paladin
Potando Ele232Sorcerer
Potezny Rycerz446Elite Knight
Potmaster324Elite Knight
Power Abuse548Royal Paladin
Power Ranger Verd448Royal Paladin
Poxystardy286Royal Paladin
Poze Vida Louca162Elite Knight
Prcinban252Royal Paladin
Preocupado256Elder Druid
Pretensioso476Royal Paladin
Pretinho Bervan272Elder Druid
Primo Panzon302Elder Druid
Princesa Ek443Elite Knight
Princesa Marien585Elite Knight
Procurado Warning6Druid
Promienny463Master Sorcerer
Propionate452Royal Paladin
Psyduck654Elder Druid
Pszychsha574Elder Druid
Pugna414Elder Druid
Puikus Protas204Elder Druid
Puma Hard442Elite Knight
Punch Green480Royal Paladin
Punckz510Elder Druid
Puro Voodoo451Elite Knight
Pushejro Ekzd456Elite Knight
Qiler489Elder Druid
Qrebrax252Elder Druid
Queen Gabi575Master Sorcerer
Quentinhe589Royal Paladin
Quote Cwd Root447Elder Druid
Raelzzera158Royal Paladin
Raffazera De Hat594Master Sorcerer
Rafinha Sz203Royal Paladin
Rajjax Golden252Master Sorcerer
Rakan427Royal Paladin
Ramal Insane435Royal Paladin
Ramzan573Elder Druid
Raoji375Royal Paladin
Raqi664Master Sorcerer
Rash Mage521Master Sorcerer
Rasmus443Royal Paladin
Rauxzin666Master Sorcerer
Raven Mystical405Master Sorcerer
Ray Perry660Elite Knight
Real Al300Royal Paladin
Reapers Wave353Royal Paladin
Recolhe Dinheiro443Elite Knight
Red Arrow369Royal Paladin
Red Beiramar570Elder Druid
Red Gyarados425Royal Paladin
Redd281Master Sorcerer
Reeh Mito616Royal Paladin
Reeii Do Trafico531Master Sorcerer
Refri352Royal Paladin
Regina Mills403Elder Druid
Rei Vlog617Elite Knight
Reii Mago635Elder Druid
Reiszinho431Royal Paladin
Remin644Elder Druid
Remin La Perra485Elder Druid
Remixon459Elite Knight
Rena Rukorun481Elite Knight
Renan Das Noviinha550Elder Druid
Renan Fiorini450Royal Paladin
Renato Garcia453Royal Paladin
Revoada201Royal Paladin
Revoada Do Tubarao449Elite Knight
Revolltz430Royal Paladin
Revoltadoo259Royal Paladin
Rex Full618Elite Knight
Rexhckater450Elder Druid
Rexona Avon378Elder Druid
Rhaenyra Druida405Elder Druid
Rhafa Algo396Royal Paladin
Rhazael541Elite Knight
Rhoades290Elite Knight
Rick Granada407Elite Knight
Rickizinho597Elder Druid
Rico Enovinho444Royal Paladin
Ripped602Elite Knight
Riviera Hard560Royal Paladin
Rk Orion463Master Sorcerer
Rocam276Royal Paladin
Rodrigol Return367Royal Paladin
Rogerio Skylab200Master Sorcerer
Roinc478Master Sorcerer
Roleta Macabra504Royal Paladin
Rolex505Elder Druid
Rompe Orton426Elder Druid
Rookgaard218Elite Knight
Roteando389Royal Paladin
Rothrynake Keylan231Royal Paladin
Roxx Deshumilde526Elite Knight
Royal Angel380Royal Paladin
Royal Boladin274Royal Paladin
Royal Dead204Paladin
Royal Lima473Royal Paladin
Royal Pala Dina120Royal Paladin
Royal Sallin469Royal Paladin
Rp Mata Perros517Royal Paladin
Rp Mc Dois319Royal Paladin
Rp Mc Quatro343Royal Paladin
Rp Mc Tres351Royal Paladin
Rp Mc Um378Royal Paladin
Rp Number Five428Royal Paladin
Rpzor Cinco354Royal Paladin
Rpzor Cuatro367Royal Paladin
Rpzor Dos381Royal Paladin
Rpzor Seis352Royal Paladin
Rpzor Siete351Royal Paladin
Rpzor Tres362Royal Paladin
Rpzor Uno362Royal Paladin
Rtn Fullgolpistaa526Royal Paladin
Rubick348Elder Druid
Ruby Later323Elite Knight
Rufus Old652Royal Paladin
Rush On291Elder Druid
Rushskill Sword410Elite Knight
Rydhia584Elite Knight
Rydhia Melchisto451Elite Knight
Ryllex445Elite Knight
Ryomstik Uzazore286Royal Paladin
Ryox Ayon477Royal Paladin
Ryusaki549Elder Druid
Sadstation588Elder Druid
Safe327Elite Knight
Sahara623Master Sorcerer
Saldavo384Master Sorcerer
Saluzin492Elite Knight
Salvatore589Royal Paladin
Salve Nova455Royal Paladin
Sandbox667Elite Knight
Sanky Archers597Royal Paladin
Sanky Ju528Elder Druid
Sanky Leader657Elite Knight
Sanky Mago597Master Sorcerer
Sanky Masters521Master Sorcerer
Sanky Paladiin613Royal Paladin
Sanky Palla559Royal Paladin
Sanky Palladin504Royal Paladin
Santana Do Ipanema458Royal Paladin
Sativaz446Royal Paladin
Satoruu Gojoo401Royal Paladin
Sauvage490Royal Paladin
Savio399Royal Paladin
Sazordy Nako291Royal Paladin
Schwarzenegger427Elder Druid
Seal470Royal Paladin
Sech447Elite Knight
Seis Prey414Royal Paladin
Sekyn Zamemus266Royal Paladin
Serch472Master Sorcerer
Sesshomaru431Elite Knight
Seu Craudinei Ek470Elite Knight
Seu Sonho494Elder Druid
Sevilek396Royal Paladin
Shadow Bolt463Royal Paladin
Shadow Star159Royal Paladin
Shavenis590Elder Druid
Sheeva459Elite Knight
Shelby Blindshot420Master Sorcerer
Shelby Dez419Elder Druid
Shelby Dois427Elder Druid
Shelby Is Back567Master Sorcerer
Shelby John505Royal Paladin
Shelby King500Royal Paladin
Shelby Legendary568Elder Druid
Shelby Ltda469Elite Knight
Shelby Oito403Elder Druid
Shelby Onze403Elder Druid
Shelby Pharmacy411Royal Paladin
Shelby Seis417Elder Druid
Shelby Sete419Elder Druid
Shelby Storm482Master Sorcerer
Shelby Supremo416Royal Paladin
Shelby Task421Royal Paladin
Shelby Thomas545Elder Druid
Shelby Tres398Elder Druid
Shelby Tribojah426Royal Paladin
Shelby Underfalido424Royal Paladin
Shelby War507Elder Druid
Shemalets283Royal Paladin
Shinigami515Master Sorcerer
Shiver Bass482Elite Knight
Shok23Elite Knight
Shopee517Royal Paladin
Simao236Elite Knight
Sinistron440Elite Knight
Sioux295Royal Paladin
Sir Ban611Elite Knight
Sir Jackson471Royal Paladin
Sir Nemoo390Elder Druid
Sir Oody393Elder Druid
Sir Oomar395Elder Druid
Sir Pala96Royal Paladin
Sir Santaum393Elite Knight
Sir Vedita257Knight
Sirilanca468Royal Paladin
Sirius Oz516Master Sorcerer
Sisi Os631Elder Druid
Skippershelby410Royal Paladin
Skruven550Elder Druid
Skull Fist597Royal Paladin
Slardar408Elder Druid
Slark418Elder Druid
Slayer Demo445Elite Knight
Slenderman36Royal Paladin
Slin628Royal Paladin
Slugaboy499Elder Druid
Sluggaboy538Royal Paladin
Slyphix476Elder Druid
Slytharshelby406Elite Knight
Smokergudang349Royal Paladin
Smooking479Elite Knight
Solamento256Elder Druid
Sonick407Elite Knight
Sonny Quinn621Elite Knight
Sorrow308Elite Knight
Space Eternal268Master Sorcerer
Sparkster387Elite Knight
Spartan Braith488Elder Druid
Spartan Bzera580Elder Druid
Spartan Demolish522Elder Druid
Spartan Iphone596Elite Knight
Spartan Maniak532Elder Druid
Spartan Remin601Elder Druid
Spartans600Royal Paladin
Spaten309Elite Knight
Spirit Architect475Master Sorcerer
Squirt207Royal Paladin
Squirttless193Royal Paladin
Sr Gold401Elder Druid
Sr Markiin478Elder Druid
Stara Klepacka488Master Sorcerer
Staz475Royal Paladin
Sterydowa Krolowa461Elder Druid
Stoneheart546Master Sorcerer
Stonkerweek327Royal Paladin
Storm Magic623Elder Druid
Storm Queen538Elder Druid
Stormy445Elite Knight
Street Knigth298Elite Knight
Strike Shandy364Royal Paladin
Strong Berry288Elder Druid
Sucxy213Royal Paladin
Super Sayajin518Elder Druid
Supra Merly328Elite Knight
Surf Medininha424Elite Knight
Szpenio592Royal Paladin
Tacalacataca332Royal Paladin
Taj Mahall409Elder Druid
Takeon309Elite Knight
Tal Do Renatin505Elite Knight
Tangamandapiano314Elite Knight
Tanka Meda424Elite Knight
Tankanada468Elite Knight
Tanker Pikaxu596Elite Knight
Tapion66Royal Paladin
Targaryenn351Elite Knight
Tarlis Wilson641Royal Paladin
Task Maker Next304Elite Knight
Task Maker One305Elite Knight
Tavo Squirt364Master Sorcerer
Tcaruso632Elite Knight
Tchulexi107Master Sorcerer
Tearrombonaue438Master Sorcerer
Tecna451Elite Knight
Teen Dream470Royal Paladin
Teen Moon502Master Sorcerer
Temidus Mac Mannus517Elite Knight
Tenebrosa227Royal Paladin
Tereos661Elite Knight
Teseu386Royal Paladin
Thales448Master Sorcerer
The Avenger209Royal Paladin
The Blocker364Elite Knight
The Lord255Elder Druid
The Paladin571Royal Paladin
The Philosophical414Elite Knight
Therhomboid534Elder Druid
Thinery148Elite Knight
This Is Ed398Elder Druid
Thormuka474Elite Knight
Thunder Hawk452Elder Druid
Tiao Carrero401Elder Druid
Tiao Meloni425Elite Knight
Tibia Bronze279Elder Druid
Tiffany Prada528Elite Knight
Tiim457Elite Knight
Tio Saan416Royal Paladin
Tiriirica452Royal Paladin
Titanzeiro442Royal Paladin
Tn Supremo603Elite Knight
To Na Ativa413Master Sorcerer
Tolkien557Royal Paladin
Tomara Kimimami352Elder Druid
Tonny447Master Sorcerer
Tonzinhox299Royal Paladin
Toott Rafa421Elite Knight
Torvii397Elite Knight
Torxilax449Elder Druid
Toto Loveyou649Royal Paladin
Toxiskit455Elder Druid
Trafalgar431Royal Paladin
Trajadodelacoste398Elder Druid
Tramontina153Elite Knight
Transferdopt367Royal Paladin
Treinando Ele225Sorcerer
Tremembeck274Elite Knight
Trhunks Five312Royal Paladin
Trhunks Four310Royal Paladin
Trhunks One312Royal Paladin
Trhunks Seven299Elder Druid
Trhunks Six310Elder Druid
Trhunks Three308Royal Paladin
Trhunks Two303Royal Paladin
Tribal Movement34Master Sorcerer
Trodat363Elite Knight
Tron553Elder Druid
Tronsty354Elder Druid
Trump554Elite Knight
Truskulowy Lak222Royal Paladin
Trustful337Royal Paladin
Tryn Arunaso269Royal Paladin
Tsg Capao405Royal Paladin
Tully391Elder Druid
Tyler The Paladin413Royal Paladin
Tziro Pleruz174Royal Paladin
Ultimate Cocaine401Elder Druid
Ultimate Explosion312Elder Druid
Uman569Elder Druid
Umgb487Royal Paladin
Undying575Master Sorcerer
Unknown478Elite Knight
Unsainted516Elite Knight
Uribe Paraco Hp579Royal Paladin
Usain Boltii382Royal Paladin
Useful423Royal Paladin
Useless427Elder Druid
Vacaiqua387Elite Knight
Valenty458Master Sorcerer
Valhala387Royal Paladin
Valkyrion659Master Sorcerer
Valory351Master Sorcerer
Valuzeim371Royal Paladin
Vamoalirapidin51Master Sorcerer
Vanguard425Elite Knight
Vedita Rp382Royal Paladin
Vedoriopi Feodi265Royal Paladin
Veketop542Master Sorcerer
Velasco543Royal Paladin
Verduro534Elder Druid
Verme Insolente272Royal Paladin
Vermithor298Royal Paladin
Versao Brasileira525Master Sorcerer
Vesper Lyndi509Elite Knight
Vevian708Master Sorcerer
Vexclaw355Master Sorcerer
Vhoid322Elite Knight
Victor411Royal Paladin
Victorius490Elder Druid
Vim Ajudar534Elder Druid
Vinte Noinhas492Elite Knight
Virion415Elite Knight
Vitao596Elite Knight
Vltao660Elite Knight
Voodoo Ed486Elder Druid
Vulgo Luciano604Elder Druid
Vysokomernaya Tsel489Royal Paladin
Wan Wan257Royal Paladin
Warwick551Elder Druid
Wells664Royal Paladin
Wershek566Royal Paladin
Wezzybaby513Elite Knight
Whiskeyshelby401Royal Paladin
White Endrick409Master Sorcerer
Wi Fiw388Royal Paladin
Willclass303Elite Knight
Wiska De Frango601Elder Druid
Wizest658Elder Druid
Woolix Vis Hur391Master Sorcerer
Wraithheart480Elder Druid
Wspominacdgf413Master Sorcerer
Wzesnders593Elder Druid
Xama Addon410Royal Paladin
Xanadu303Royal Paladin
Xaolindo Mat439Elite Knight
Xaxauh529Elder Druid
Xaya370Master Sorcerer
Xenonio372Elite Knight
Xexuz410Master Sorcerer
Xigabohy340Master Sorcerer
Ximboca343Elite Knight
Xota Sexy469Elder Druid
Xoxota Flex474Elder Druid
Xuxa Preta449Elite Knight
Xuxuka288Elite Knight
Yang Yung334Elite Knight
Yankee347Elite Knight
Yaokun312Royal Paladin
Yehoshuuaah499Elder Druid
Yiyi Rexy358Elite Knight
Yoda645Elder Druid
Yodi662Elder Druid
Yonkou338Elite Knight
Yoou Are Death472Master Sorcerer
Yoshi530Royal Paladin
Ysacogelado334Elder Druid
Yukatsu443Royal Paladin
Yuknight469Elite Knight
Yuminero455Elder Druid
Yunke257Master Sorcerer
Yurii458Elite Knight
Zaka Nikka422Master Sorcerer
Zamack369Royal Paladin
Zamacky362Elite Knight
Zatorzin432Royal Paladin
Zaykrons311Royal Paladin
Ze Canhoto460Royal Paladin
Ze Fifa416Elite Knight
Ze Galdino426Elite Knight
Ze Magalhaes415Elite Knight
Ze Moura492Elite Knight
Ze Nascimento454Elite Knight
Ze Pequeno Ek399Elite Knight
Zedaflecha358Royal Paladin
Zeero499Elder Druid
Zeezee613Elder Druid
Zelote Four357Royal Paladin
Zelote One400Royal Paladin
Zeno Zama407Master Sorcerer
Zethan Knight482Elite Knight
Zeus Hell528Royal Paladin
Zewyrel50Master Sorcerer
Ziorko Ek573Elite Knight
Zona Leste490Elite Knight
Zona Norte552Elder Druid
Zowey23Elite Knight
Zyon256Elder Druid

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692, Master Sorcerer
5- Aquiles
685, Elite Knight

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