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Guild Information
New guild. Leader must edit this text :)

The guild was founded on Kaldrox on Dec 30 2021.
It is currently active.

Guild Members
Rank [sort] Name and Title Vocation [sort] Level [sort] Status
Leader Primo Pisto (Elixir) Elder Druid 251 offline
Primo Sunoz (Elixir) Elder Druid 253 offline
Pvp Bound (big man things) Elite Knight 247 offline
Member Agresywny Snuffy Master Sorcerer 282 offline
Alfi Onymiami Elder Druid 246 offline
Almighty (Zuras) Elder Druid 248 offline
Ana De Armas (ANZOPIXELS) Elder Druid 243 offline
Anyway (PUSSYLICKING) Elder Druid 242 offline
Barcelona Elder Druid 342 offline
Big Dick Vinny (Over Compensating 7 Kids NP) Elder Druid 254 offline
Botadao Elder Druid 238 offline
Brazylijski Elder Druid 257 offline
Deko (pico palquelee) Elder Druid 197 offline
Druid Cansado Elder Druid 246 offline
Dusk (my fans?) Elder Druid 215 offline
Ed Dez Elder Druid 309 offline
El Chitoo Po (áló?) Elder Druid 220 offline
Floyd Dyers Elder Druid 379 offline
Floyd The Rainmaker Elder Druid 247 offline
Fyah (KING @f) Elder Druid 349 offline
Humbertito Elder Druid 248 offline
Lidera (FULL LAG) Elder Druid 244 offline
Maazik Elder Druid 253 offline
Mancoo Elder Druid 296 offline
Mounz Jr Elder Druid 337 offline
Normal Elder Druid 246 offline
Pedriitok (Hardcore PVP) Elder Druid 278 offline
Primo Elistow Elite Knight 225 offline
Primo Javo Royal Paladin 306 offline
Primo Kina Elite Knight 248 offline
Primo Luiszk (Elixir) Elder Druid 219 offline
Primo Midnight (No soy tu primo) Elder Druid 225 offline
Primo Norsky (Lidera FULL lag and full gay) Elder Druid 250 offline
Primo Polety (No soy tu primo) Elder Druid 241 offline
Primo Weroek (Elixir) Elder Druid 267 offline
Qlq Coisa Elder Druid 238 offline
Raul Elder Druid 241 offline
Redbull Main (English as fk) Elder Druid 307 offline
Sombra Oscura (Chael) Elder Druid 242 offline
Sorosh Elder Druid 243 offline
Vandane (Druid Angel) Elder Druid 314 offline
Zexcore Elder Druid 352 offline
Zingy Omnipotent (018) Elder Druid 385 offline

Invited Characters
Name Invitation Date
Legend Shoudx Jan 05 2022
Quentine Jan 04 2022
Tiaan Jan 05 2022

Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Players Online
Top Experience
1- Phantom
1713, Master Sorcerer
2- Vevian
708, Master Sorcerer
3- Koda
700, Master Sorcerer
4- Marte
692, Master Sorcerer
5- Aquiles
685, Elite Knight

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