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Character Information
Name:Dane Whitman
Profession:Elite Knight
Marital status:single
Guild Membership:Fada rainha putona of the OnlyFans Das WinX
Last login:11 August 2022, 10:42 pm
Account Status:Premium Account
Balance:$ 0 Gold Coins.

Other Infos
Quests: 35%
Tasks: 27%

2 Aug 2022, 16:29 Killed at level 657 by Teddy Crazy, Knox Al Youssef, Salve Nova, Arlecchino and by Soucria Enaocriado.
1 Aug 2022, 18:53 Killed at level 658 by Ceroll Frontline, Knox Al Youssef, Xaxauh, Soucria Enaocriado, Davi Original, Mary Original and by Zarabustor.
1 Aug 2022, 08:41 Killed at level 658 by Patrocinio Full, Mary Original, Cottagee, Xaxauh and by Warrior Fairy.
28 Jul 2022, 02:05 Killed at level 657 by Heltao Ell Patron, Likae, Ons Dicko, El Koda and by Sweet Demolish.
25 Jul 2022, 20:58 Killed at level 656 by Druidzinhooh, Evil Of Fire, Luluzinha, Junior Nike, Nahabanuymad and by Mereestraaee.
25 Jul 2022, 04:25 Killed at level 656 by Cerol Do Cvtddois, Guizor Aprimorado, Davi Originall, Soucria Enaocriado, Jossue Original and by Zarabustor.
19 Jul 2022, 16:47 Died at level 654 by Zarabustor, a Black Warlock, a green djinn and by warlock.
23 Jun 2022, 23:53 Killed at level 638 by Nahabanuymad, Merlyn Queen and by Teukumimadora.
23 Jun 2022, 12:10 Died at level 639 by warlock, Zarabustor, a green djinn and by stone golem.
18 Jun 2022, 06:25 Died at level 636 by warlock, a Black Warlock, a green djinn, a green djinn, Zarabustor, a green djinn, a green djinn, a green djinn, a green djinn, a green djinn and by stone golem.

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